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Max Maintenance Reward Offer


Keep your equipment running at peak performance with maintenance solutions from New Holland. Now through July 31, 2015, stop by any of our locations and receive a $30 Reward Card with a $300 purchase of any combination of genuine New Holland filters and lubricants and all-makes Fleetguard filters. Redeem this offer online at the Partstore Reward Center by September 30, 2015. Take advantage of this Max Maintenance Rewards offer and stock up on genuine New Holland filter and lubricants and all-makes Fleetguard filters today!

Terms and conditions apply. View the flyer for all the details or stop in at any of our locations today! Already made a purchase that qualifies for the reward? Great! Click here to claim your reward!

3rd Graders Visit New Holland Rochester / Ag Technologies

Today, May 18, the Riddle Elementary 3rd graders visited New Holland and Ag Technologies to learn about the purposes of solar energy. Jim and Mike Straeter explained that photons of energy come from the sun and solar panels turn them into money. The kids learned that the Farm Service Agency’s solar panels work in coordination with Duke Energy’s power lines to make for a net zero electric bill. They also learned how an “off-grid” system uses battery storage to keep lights on when power lines aren’t available (i.e. in the mountains). A comparison between wind and solar energy was made and they decided the economics of solar is much better. We are glad to see that these kids get that a future of clean renewable energy is a great thing for everybody!

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Jim Straeter Receives Purdue’s APEX Award

New Holland Rochester founder Jim Straeter was honored recently at the Purdue University event held by the Economics Department annually to recognize significant contributors to the department.

Purdue Apex Award 5-4-15

The James C Snyder Memorial Lecture Series for 2015 honored Dr. Augustine Sangson Langyintuo, Dr. Robert Tse, Sara Vacek . Drs. Langyintuo and Tse were honored for their work in Economics in the Far East and Africa. Ms. Vacek is head of Soybean Traits for Monsanto and had done significant work with global economics in that area.

The Cornrower stover device patented by Straeter was the basis of an economic study in biomass conducted by Dr. Wally Tyner and the recently published study on solar in Indiana by Dr. Tyner was based on two solar systems installed by Straeter at New Holland Rochester. The results of the study showed that solar is competitive with the grid in Indiana even without the federal tax credit. This study is advancing the cause for solar in Indiana and can be seen here: Energy Policy – Solar Energy in Indiana

Purdue Apex Award 5-4-15 (1)

Check out our Toy & Promotional Catalog!

Need a great gift idea? Check out some of the items we have available in our Toy and Promotional Catalog. This magazine represents just some of the items we have on hand. If you have interest in other items or if you’re looking for something specific not shown in the magazine, contact us and we’ll do what we can to find what you’re looking for!

Toy and Promo Catalog Apr-Sept 2015

Toy and Promo Catalog Apr-Sept 2015

FCYLA Vists New Holland Rochester

The Fulton County Youth Leadership Academy (FCYLA), recently visited New Holland Rochester. FCYLA is a group of juniors in high school from Fulton County that learn about how to become leaders in the community. So, as part of that agenda, the group added a visit to New Holland Rochester to learn about entrepreneurship and innovation from the company president, Jim Straeter. Jim spoke with the students about his innovations and patents with the Cornrower and solar systems we sell and he invented. The students enjoyed learning from Jim about what it takes to become an entrepreneur, innovator, and leader within the community, and we enjoyed having the opportunity to share what we do with them.

FCYLA Visits New Holland Rochester 4-14-15

FCYLA Visits New Holland Rochester 4-14-15

NH T8 CVT vs. JD 8370R IVT

The Nebraska tests are now coming out on Tier IVb tractors with CVT transmissions.   We reviewed  the Nebraska test 2102 for a JD 8370R with an IVT transmission, DEF and CEGR engine using two turbochargers to stuff enough heated air in the engine to achieve a 16:1 compression ratio is and compared it with the NH T8.420 with CVT:

JD 8370 with IVT Neb Test | NH T8.420 with CVT Neb Test

Notice that while the horsepower at rated RPM is identical (351) the NH uses less fuel (18.44 for NH vs. 18.93 for JD), the torque rise is higher (50.7% for NH vs. 43.6% for Deere or a 16.2% advantage to NH) and the while the report says that Deere claims regeneration occurs only once every 50 hours, the tractor did regenerate in the 32 hour test period.

This test is just one of the many reasons why we believe we have the best high horsepower tractor on the market. We would enjoy speaking with anyone interested in these results, and give a demo of our tractor to get the real feel of the superiority of the product.

NH T8.420 CVT