NH T8 SmartTrax vs. JD 8335RT 2-Track System

The T8 SmartTrax tractor is fundamentally different from any two-track system. A recent trade in on a T8 Smarttrak unit at New Holland Rochester was used to demonstrate just how much different they really are and what that impact has on the operator.

One salesman, who was attempting to video the ride with his phone, drove the JD 8335RT over a block of wood. As you can see, the bounce from the tractor was severe and you can see that the track actually was airborne as it came off the piece of wood. The lack of a suspension cab (JD doesn’t offer one) didn’t help.

The T8 was driven over the same block, same speed and while the track ‘snaps’ over the piece of wood, the impact on the driver is nominal and the track doesn’t appear to come close to leaving the wood.

This video clearly demonstrates why the New Holland system provides better traction (much more even ground pressure) and a smoother ride. See us for a demo and experience the T8 SmartTrax for yourself.

Combine Clinic 2015 Summary

Combine Clinics held at New Holland Rochester, Rodkey New Holland and New Holland Tri-County the week of Aug. 17th provided over 100 New Holland combine owners who attended information to make the 2015 harvest more profitable. Attendees included folks from New Holland Centerville, New Holland Logansport and New Holland Greentown.

The difficult conditions that the record-setting rains have cause in 2015 were addressed and owners were told what to do about varying moistures, yields and grain conditions. Grain quality matters were stressed. While the twin-rotor combines from New Holland have earned a reputation for providing better quality grain – and we expect that to be amplified this year – proper combine settings are still required to get the best performance owners were told.

A Purdue study on the value of higher grain quality was used to show attendees how a mere 15% improvement in grain quality is worth about $26.00 per acre in 200 bu/acre corn at $3.50/bushel. Attendees were shown how to do an iodine test to check grain quality. “Getting the best from the best” was the theme of the clinics that were provided courtesy of the New Holland Rochester group of dealership.

We appreciate the great turnout at all 3 events, and were glad to hear the positive feedback from attendees on how the information provided at the clinic will be helpful for them during the upcoming harvest.

True Blue Salute – $500 Discount for U.S. Military Personnel and First Responders


New Holland established the True Blue Salute campaign in 2011 as a way of recognizing the men and women of the military, first responders and their families for their bravery and many sacrifices made for our country and communities.

In support of continuing the success of the campaign, New Holland is offering a $500 discount on eligible new New Holland products to all eligible U.S. Military personnel and First Responders. Stop in at any of our locations for the full details.

More details about the campaign’s history can be found here. Thank you for your service.

Sgariboldi – Bringing Self-Propelled Mixing to N. America

Sgariboldi Grizzly 8100

Sgariboldi Grizzly 8100

Self-Propelled feed mixing is coming to North America thanks to an arrangement with New Holland Centerville and Sgariboldi – a leading European manufacturer of feed mixing equipment. Joel Davis, a sales representative from New Holland Centerville and Jim Straeter, manager at New Holland Rochester, visited Sgariboldi in Italy recently to become acquainted with the product and the people at Sgariboldi. The family-owned company founded in 1957 focuses only on feed mixers and distributes their product on every continent except North America – until now. The unit coming to North America will be on display at the World Dairy Expo in Madison Wisconsin the last week of September and then it will be delivered to a retail customer near Centerville, IN. Contact Joel Davis at New Holland Centerville (765-962-7724) for information. A video of a model that will be on display at Madison is posted with this news item.

New Holland SMARTTRAX – Innovation in Action


Customer experience with the all-new SMARTTRAX tractors from New Holland has been above expectations. Just how smooth the ride is can only be experienced in the field but the superior traction, turn capability and pure pulling power can be seen in the attached video of John Williamson planting twin-20” corn this Spring. Notice that the tractor doesn’t berm the soil when turning. Excitement about this product continues to grow as soil compaction, especially in wet soils that occur all the time (but not quite like 2015, thankfully) is seen as a major factor in yield limitation. Tillage to reduce compaction becomes less necessary with the SMARTTRAX design. Two-track systems marketed by competitors have serious drawbacks on turning, tractor control in the field and above all else, compaction of soil by the rear end of the track under higher draft loads. See us for a demo on your farm!

Krause Excelerator Rebuild Parts Special!


We have a parts special going on now for Krause Excelerator owners who are looking to rebuild their machine. You can save anywhere from $1,500 – $2,200+ by taking advantage of our special based on the size of your machine:


The kit includes a complete set of blades, bearings, bearing side rings and zerks. Allow up to 4 weeks after promotion ends for sale pricing. See our parts department for any additional questions or details. Get your Excelerator ready for the harvest season today!

New Holland President’s Club Award – Press Release

New Holland Rochester (and each of our other locations) received Corporate New Holland’s highest honor for 2014—the President’s Club Award!

Pictured from left to right: Brian Schmidt, Eric Straeter, Jim Straeter, Mike Stephenson, Matt Straeter, Lanty "Spud" Armstrong, Ken Mast, Jeff Jones, Fred Rodkey, Matt Wright, Brian Haskett

Pictured from left to right:
Brian Schmidt, Eric Straeter, Jim Straeter, Mike Stephenson, Matt Straeter, Lanty “Spud” Armstrong, Ken Mast, Jeff Jones, Fred Rodkey, Matt Wright, Brian Haskett

Click here to view the full New Holland President’s Club Press Release

Happy Father’s Day

Hopefully all of you got through the planting season without too many setbacks, and you got the day to relax and spend time with your father. We enjoyed taking our dad Jim Straeter, President of New Holland Rochester, out for a round of golf for the day. Assuming the fields are as wet as the golf course (and several of our golf balls), your crop won’t need any irrigation anytime soon. We’re grateful for all the things our dad has done for us, and would like to wish all of you proud dad’s a Happy Father’s Day from New Holland Rochester!

Father's Day 2015 Father's Day 2015