Precision Support Hotline: (574) 207-4870

          Ag Technologies has partnered with Agrisync to deliver a faster phone support system to help with Precision Farming support.  When you call our hotline number you will simultaneously ring all of the PLM Specialists. This both improves the odds of connecting with a live expert the first time you call and helps our team better track your requests so that we never miss an opportunity to provide superior customer service. You can also text these hotline numbers for support and one of our specialists will respond!

No need to play phone tag with an individual cell phone number or leave a message and wait for one person to call you back. With the new direct hotline, your odds of connecting with someone the first time you call is much higher. And if you do have to leave a voicemail, the entire team will see your message and someone can easily follow-up. When you call after-hours, you will be asked to leave a message and one of our experts will return your call at their earliest availability.

AgriSync has an optional free version of their mobile app that you can use to directly submit support tickets to our teams. If you’d like to download the free mobile app, search for ‘AgriSync’ in your Apple or Google Play Store and register with your mobile phone number. Once you register, you can search for our company Ag Technologies in the ‘Directory’ tab to add our Precision Team and create a support ticket.

With this new support tool, we will also be able to invite you into a live video session from a simple text message. Remote support = Simplified.