New Holland CR9060

PRICE REDUCED! Used 2009 New Holland CR9060 combine with 1,713 engine / 1,217 separator hours in good condition.

Price: $139,000.00

Equipment Description

PRICE REDUCED! Used 2009 New Holland CR9060 combine with 1,713 engine / 1,217 separator hours in good condition.

The New Holland CR9000 series combines comes with the expertise and experience from the 30,000 combines New Holland has built before it over 35 years. Built with pride in Grand Island, Nebraska, New Holland’s twin rotors deliver much higher centrifugal force than any other rotary design for faster threshing and separating, higher grain quality and maximum capacity. The unique self-leveling cleaning system and gentle grain handling systems compound the incredible Twin Rotor capacity.

The two rotors are positioned side-by-side to provide an extra-wide feed opening. The width of the CR9000 feeder house matches the full width of the rotors and releases the crop just under the rotor feed augers. This efficient, straightline feeding reduces power consumption and wear. The matched-width feeder and rotor increase capacity because the crop does not have to converge to enter the rotor like other rotary combines require. The Twin Rotors are timed to alternately sweep the crop into each rotor for increased productivity and smoother feeding.

While the cleaning systems on other combines use augers, which actually serve to mix grain and chaff together, the unique New Holland grain pan sets up for efficiency right from the start. Since its large grain pan has no dividers, grain can spread out, stratify and separate easily. The grain pan oscillates, lifting and depositing the grain repeatedly. This shaking motion causes the heavier material (grain) to move to the bottom of the mat and to the rear of the grain pan, actually pre-classifying the grain long before it gets to the sieve.

With the power and efficiency behind the CR9000 series combines, it’s no surprise a CR9090 broke the Guinness Book of World Records in 2008 for most grain harvested in 8 hours (and a newer CR model broke it again in 2014). Put a leader to work in your fields today!

A Few Key Features:

  • The Twin Rotor chamber promotes a high level of grain-on-grain threshing – a much gentler threshing process than metal-on-grain threshing – to drastically reduce the opportunity for grain damage.
  • The sieve’s massive 8,370sq. in. cleaning area is one of the largest in the industry.
  • Unload fast – the unloading system unloads at 3.2 bushels / sec.
  • Large cab with a comfortable air suspension seat, automatic temperature control, controls at your fingertips, etc.
  • Great residue management – New Holland’s standard residue management system allows you to change from spreading chaff and straw to windrowing with the flip of a manual lever.
  • All New Holland CR9000 combines are approved for B100. By using clean-burning, environmentally friendly, alternative-fuel sources like biodiesel, you contribute to cleaner air, reduced oil imports and increased demand for soybeans and other farm produced used to produce biodiesel.

Equipment Specs:

  • New Holland Cursor engine with 360hp net / 415hp max
  • 2WD with 520/85 R42 front duals, 28L26 rear floaters in good condition
  • Intelliview II Plus monitor / yield & moisture sensor / guidance ready
  • 315 bushel storage capacity
  • Self-leveling cleaning system
  • Standard straw chopper
  • Variable speed Terrain-Tracer system to automatically raise the head vertically and tilt the head laterally to follow uneven terrain
  • 30in platform extension
  • Leather heated adjustable seat with air suspension
  • Power adjustable mirrors
  • 6 under panel service lights (2 right hand, 2 left hand, 2 engine check lights)
  • Engine block heater
  • Weighs approx. 35,150 lbs.

Manufacturer / Location Info

Type Used
Year 2009
Make New Holland
Model CR9060
Stock # CO12975
Serial # Y9G112663
Location New Holland Tri-County
Address 2675 S State Road 1 Bluffton, IN 46714
Phone # 260-824-4638