Kuhn Knight SLC126

New 2017 Kuhn Knight SLC126 manure spreader.


Equipment Description

New 2017 Kuhn Knight SLC126 manure spreader. The unique twin-auger design and exclusive body-construction allow the Slinger to handle the widest variety of materials compared to any other spreader on the market. Complete adjustability of the wide discharge improves material breakup for more consistent, even spreading. New hammers are designed for less wear and longer life. The SLC126 provides the ideal combination of efficiency, versatility, and rugged durability to give you maximum return for your equipment dollars.

Key Features:

– Versatility in Material Handling: The continuously welded V-body tank will hold both wet and dry materials. The steep, slanted sides and twin-auger delivery design provide a consistent, even flow to the 18-hammer expeller discharge without bridging. These features allow the Slinger to handle the widest variety of materials compared to any other spreader on the market, including soupy gutter manure, semi-solids, separated solids, compost, bedding pack, mulch products and many more.

– Elimination of Material Bridging: The well-proven and exclusive twin-auger design eliminates material bridging.

– Fully Adjustable Discharge: Multiple adjustment points help maintain the optimal clearance between the hammers, door sill and shroud. Maintaining the proper clearance enhances the shearing performance of the newly designed hammers for more consistent spreading, reduced horsepower and increased hammer life.

– Heavy-Duty, Low Maintenance Drive: The durable, heavy-duty drive requires minimal maintenance and provides dependability and long life. The entire drive is enclosed in an oil bath that provides constant lubrication for chains, bearings, and sprockets for outstanding reliability.

– Rugged Undercarriage: The heavy-duty, oscillating bogie undercarriage is built for dependable service under heavy use in the toughest conditions, including hauling sand-laden manure.

Equipment Specs:

– 26,000lbs max net load
– 2,600 gal / 350cu.ft. / 13cu. yd capacity (stuck level)
– 20″ auger diameter
– 1000rpm PTO, 1 3/8-21 non-CV
– Tandem trailer axle
– 19Lx16.1 implement tires
– No brakes / scales
– 2 splash guards
– 18 hammers
– Highway light kit
– Tow safety chain
– 130hp PTO tractor required
– Weighs approx. 9,500lbs
– 281″ L x 107″ W x 91″ H overall dimensions (including splash guards)

Manufacturer / Location Info

Year 2017
Type New
Make Kuhn Knight
Model SLC126
Stock # KUD0076
Serial # D0076
Location New Holland Rochester
Address 1260 E 100 S Rochester, IN 46975
Phone # 574-223-2714