2022 Kuhn-Krause 8010-20 Excelerator (KRB00488)

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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The Excelerator® XT 8010 provides XTended versatility. True vertical tillage is maintained with the 1° to 5° gang angle, while the XTended 6° to 8° gang angle offers more aggressive tillage action.

Exclusive 5-Step Process

  1. Capture and Slice: Excalibur® VT (Vertical Tillage) blades, with their distinctive scalloped edge, capture and slice residue into planter-manageable sizes. This exclusive, 32-flute design easily penetrates soil, creates small clod size and begins the soil and residue mixing process. 7 inch blade spacing on front gang enhances optimal soil displacement.
  2. Control and Distribute: Adjustable mid-mounted tines on 7 inch spacing drive soil and residue to ensure consistent flow of material. During this process, additional clod size reduction takes place, as well as improved residue distribution across the width of the operation, resulting in more consistent soil and residue conditions.
  3. Cut and Remove: In this high-speed process, adjustable gang angles with Excalibur VT blades (on 8” spacing), remove the maximum amount of uncut soil at shallow depth settings, while minimizing furrowing and ridging for a smooth field finish. The adjustable gang angle gives you the choice to move soil laterally or to leave more residue.
  4. Mix and Anchor: Exclusive to KUHN Krause, rotary Star Wheel™ treaders aggressively mix soil and residue, pulverize large clods, remove soil from disturbed root balls and anchor residue into the soil surface.
  5. Size and Firm: The proven 24/7® soil conditioning reel delivers clod sizing and firming for this high-speed operation.

Excalibur® VT Blade Spacing
Proven 22″, 32-flute Excalibur® VT blades cut residue and maintain a sharp edge over time. The Excalibur blades are configured in a combination spacing with 7″ front spacing to enhance optimal soil displacement, while 8″rear spacing maintains performance in adverse conditions. The unique design of the Excalibur VT blades minimizes furrowing and ridging, leaving a smooth field pass-to-pass.

Adjustable Gang Angles
True vertical tillage is maintained with the 1° to 5° gang angle, while the XTended 6° to 8° gang angle offers more aggressive tillage action. Optional on-the-go hydraulic adjustment allows the operator to adjust front and rear gangs on the same angle or independently, varying front to rear angles to match a variety of agronomic goals. These shallow angles prevent soil roll and inversion, distinguishing the Excelerator’s performance from competitive units based on older disc harrow technology with typical gang angles from 10° to 22°.

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