2023 Kinze 4905 Planter (KI231045)

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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NEW!! 2023 KINZE 4905 16R30 PLANTER:

This is the most advanced, yet simple to operate planter that has ever planted corn. Performance optimized with True Speed high speed meters, Blue Vantage display, Blue Drive electric drive, and high
speed cast row units to accurately plant at speeds up to 12 mph and finish planting inside small windows of time. Hydraulic weight transfer and True Depth hydraulic down force ensure seed is placed at the correct depth for optimum emergence and root development.

• True high-performance and accurate planting with True Speed or True Rate vacuum meters and Blue Drive electric drive.
• Simple and easy to use Blue Vantage display with Map Sync® shared field coverage data, and up to four cameras.
• Improved durability, longer wear life, and lower cost of ownership from 05 Series row unit upgrades .
• Follow rolling terrain easily with a 3-section front fold frame with 42 degrees of wing flex.
• Consistent seed depth control from the durable True Depth hydraulic down force system.
• Reduced pinch row compaction from bulk fill with an active hydraulic weight transfer system.
• Fewer stops, with up to 750 gallons of fertilizer on board, controlled by Blue Vantage.
• Lower tractor hydraulic requirements and only two SCVs required with PTO variable displacement pump.
• High transport clearance and shorter turn radius from patented flip axle (24R only).
• Optimized hydraulic system with fast lift times and a clean, uncluttered layout.

Features & options:

  • True Speed high speed meter
  • Blue Drive electric drive and Blue Vantage display
  • Cast row unit
  • True Depth hydraulic down force
  • Active2 hydraulic weight transfer
  • Flip axle
  • Air adjustable row cleaners
  • 42 degrees of wing flex
  • Up to 4 planter mounted cameras
  • True Rate vacuum seed meter
  • Narrow transport
  • Liquid fertilizer

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