New Holland Rochester 2021 DEGELMAN PRO-TILL 26 DE4767

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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New Degelman 26’ pro till high performance tillage machine. The Pro-Till is very likely the fastest and most versatile piece of tillage equipment you will ever own. Pro-Till shreds heavy fall residue opens up spring fields, levels ruts, destroys clods and produces and absolutely perfect seedbed.
A Few Key Features:
– Simplicity – Degelman is renowned for building overbuilt and under complicated equipment. They know farm tools with the least amount of moving parts will simply last longer.
– Control Residue – The Pro-Till shreds residue at speeds over 10mph (3x the speed of a traditional cultivator) while ensuring uniform distribution of residue
– Leading Edge – Conventional discs are limited by their ability to process residue and level properly. They plug quickly during wet seasons, are limited in speed, cannot resist rocks and with deeper tillage, have a tendency to bring clay soil to the surface. Most importantly, they fail to leave a field ready to seed. The Pro-Till combines high-speed, aggressive tillage action with micro-ridge rollers to not only process residue but to create a seedbed quality field finish. In a single pass, you’re ready to plant.
– Levels Ruts, Instantly – Today’s heavy tractors, trucks & sprayers create deep, compacted ruts that restrict yields and damage expensive equipment. The Pro-Till has just the right amount of dirt carrying capacity to level almost any field in one pass, making Pro-Till your single spring and fall solution to tillage needs.

Equipment Specs:
– 26’ width
-13’ 1” transport height
– 13’ 10” transport width
– 19,500lbs overall weight
– 62 discs
– 5” disc spacing (10” spacing per row)
– 10 to 15hp per foot at 3” working depth to achieve 8 to 12 mph (will vary by soil type)

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