If you’ve recently become interested in drones and wondered about the practical application of using them on your farming operation, you’re not alone. We offer drones produced by Precision Drone here in Indiana. Here is some information about our product offering and how it can become one of your most valuable assets on your farm:

Benefits and Applications

From our own testing during the 2015 harvest, we were able come up with a yield estimate within 0.5% of what the actual yield monitor showed 2 months prior to harvest! Click here to read more about how we were able to come up with such a precise estimate.

Precision Drone Pacesetter 2 – Why it Flys Over the Competition

  • No extra purchases or subscriptions required
  • Complete ownership of entire system and software
  • Don’t have to send your data out for anyone to process your maps
  • Create naked eye, infrared, and NDVI maps from one flight:

Precision Vision

  • Load geo-referenced points into any Android or iOS device  to pinpoint specific areas of field
  • Import NDVI maps created into any major farm software to build variable rate prescriptions
  • Ready to fly at purchase
  • Indiana built and tested

Additional Key Uses:

  • Create variable rate fertilizer and seeding prescriptions from the imagery and data collected
  • Monitor and scout crops and test plots
  • Locate disease and/or insect pressures
  • Determine  health of crop
  • Estimate yield  before harvest to assist in making marketing decisions
  • Spot nutrient deficiencies
  • Determine crop damage for crop insurance purposes
  • Find replant opportunities and calculate amount of affected acres
  • Locate planter and/or applicator malfunctions


Here are some actual maps created from the Pacesetter 2 drone that show a variety of fields and what was found from them. On the NDVI maps, green = healthy plants, yellow = stressed plants, and red = severely stressed or no vegetation:

What the Pacesetter 2 Package Includes

Precision Drone Pacesetter 2 Kit

  • Precision Drone Pacesetter 2 with OneTouch Processing Technology
  • Six 7600mAH 2S LiPo Batteries
  • Command Center Laptop with Charger
  • Live Feed Monitor with Charger
  • Near Infrared (NIR) Precision Vision Camera with Preinstalled 32 GB microSD Card
  • Naked Eye (RGB) Precision Vision Camera with Preinstalled 32 GB microSD Card
  • DX8 Drone Controller with Charger and Strap
  • Data Link with Data Link Cable
  • Two Battery Chargers
  • All Components come in a Crush Proof, Water Proof, Lifetime Case with OEM Manuals

Additional Information

Interested in finding more information about drones or taking one for a flight? Contact Eli Fred at 574-224-8324 for more details!