Producing solar energy in order to offset your electrical energy costs has never been easier than it is today. The quality of photovoltaic panels has increased over the years but the cost to own has never been so cheap. Anybody paying federal income taxes is eligible to claim a 30% tax credit when buying into solar energy until January 1, 2020. Also, the USDA annually releases grant money to farms and small businesses through REAP (Rural Energy for America Program). Now that you know how to reclaim some of your paid taxes, let us show you why solar energy from Ag Technologies stands out among the rest.

At our New Holland Rochester location (just next to Ag Technologies), we are producing solar power that pays for the cost of our electric bill. When we produce more energy than we use we receive a credit from our electric provider which then counts towards our next bill.

How it Works


About our System


In the solar industry a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty has become standard for panels and inverters. When you’re looking to invest in something that sits in nature’s elements for 30+ years, you won’t want to short yourself when it comes to product quality and company background. We use Kyocera solar panels and Enphase micro inverters only. Kyocera first invested in solar energy in 1984 and was the first company to provide grid connected systems in Japan (1991). Their 2015 gross profit has already surpassed $3.5 (billion). The quality of panels and financial stability from Kyocera is unmatched. Founded in California (2006), Enphase Energy is the founder and leader of micro inverter technology. As of December 2014 they had shipped over 7.2 million inverters and now account for 340,000+ installations, globally. Take a look at their websites at and


A locally built, galvanized steel, ground mount stand is key to our success at Ag Technologies. Craig Welding and Manufacturing has long done business with the Ag Technologies group before entering the solar industry. When founder of Ag Technologies, Jim Straeter, wanted to put up solar panels, Craig Welding got the call to build a stand. They engineered a stand supporting 16 to 32 Kyocera panels that can manually adjust to the southern sky for maximum kilowatt hour production. The total energy produced per dollar spent from the Kyocera/Enphase/Craig W&M system from Ag Technologies is unmatched in our region. Learn more about Craig Welding and Manufacturing at


Our Enphase Envoy system will allow us (and you!) to view your solar system’s production each day from any computer whether you’re at home or not. This data is stored and provides very detailed graphs about your energy production over several time periods. On a smaller scale, you can even see how much power each solar panel along your array is producing. This is very useful in making sure each panel is producing to its fullest potential, and makes identifying any issues with your array much easier! Here is just a couple of snapshots of the data the Envoy system can provide:



If you would like a real-time view of one of our solar systems or want more information on what solar can do for you, please give us a call at 574-224-8324 or contact us and we will email you a link!



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