New Holland Paint Guide

Use the paint reference chart below to find the correct New Holland paint for your machine.

Why Use CNH Industrial Paint?

  • Fast-dry enamels
  • Exact color match
  • High quality-paint for less touch-ups needed less frequently
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Fast-dry sandable primer
  • Specially-blended thinner
Type Manufacturer Model Year Name Spray Can Quart Gallon
Color wdt_ID Type Manufacturer Model Year Name Spray Can Quart Gallon
1 Paint Versatile All All Red 99000330DS 99000331DS 99000332DS
2 Paint Versatile All All Yellow 99000333DS 99000334DS 99000335DS
3 Paint Ford Tractors 1939-1962 Gray M1J957SE5DS M1J957SE2DS M1J957SE3DS
4 Paint Ford Tractors 1965-1994 Gray M20J1750SE5DS M20J1750SE2DS M20J1750SE3DS
5 Paint Ford Tractors 1939-1962 Red M1J956SE5DSLF M1J956SE2DSLF M1J956SE3DSLF
6 Paint Ford Tractors 1979-Current Black (Flat) M1724GSE5DS M1724GSE2DS
7 Paint New Holland Ag 1975-1980 White M1619ASE5DS M1619ASE2DS M1619ASE3DS
8 Paint Ford 1974-1980 Consumer White M1525ASE5DS M1525ASE2DS
9 Paint Ford / New Holland (Ag) Tractors 1963-1999 Blue 9613385DS 9613386DS 9613387DS
10 Paint Ford / New Holland (Ag) Tractors 1994-1999 Chassis Gray 9624696DS 9624697DS 9673509DS