Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

Current Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Pricing:

Part #QuantityPricing
R325512.5 gal (with container)$10.35
R3255510-200 gal$1.89 / gal
R32555200 + gal$1.40 / gal

DEF is very corrosive, so proper storage is important. We carry a variety of solid DEF containers:

2.5 gal containers are great for filling vehicles!

Purchase a 275 gal container with a stainless steel 110V electric pump full of DEF for $1,599 (see details below). This is a deal that can’t be beat!

Our 60 and 100 gal carbon steel Titan DEF containers are weatherproofed to keep the DEF and hose free from dust and debris!

The 50 and 110-gal poly version of the Titan DEF tanks are also built with the idea in mind to keep the DEF and equipment free from debris. Great for putting in the back of a pickup!

Our 275 gal DEF package includes:

Part #Description
CTBSS20110V Benecor Smart Start Pump
DEF744-048Stainless Steel Coupler
2IST6DBLK0V34RS275 Gal Tote
DTUBETTote Down Tube
SSVALVEShutoff Valve
R32555DEF Fluid

Contact our parts department for more information regarding bulk DEF pricing and container options!