Bale Manager App

The new Bale Manager App is a convenient way for customers to save, search and share their baling data from New Holland’s Roll-Belt Series balers. The system converts data from the baler to an app via Bluetooth® connection. The app is available to download on Apple App Store or Google Play and allows customers to use mobile devices or tablets to record and share data from their balers.

New Holland customers will benefit by having an easy way to track baling activity, analyze bale data, and easily send professional invoices to their customers all from a cell phone or tablet in a few seconds.


  • The baler controller monitors and records operational data such as bale count, bale size or bale moisture reading as part of the normal baler operation.
  • This data is continuously transmitted from the baler controller to the baler monitor during operation.
  • The Bluetooth module plugs into the baler harness and extracts this data from the baler controller and transmits it wirelessly to a mobile device with the Bale Manager App downloaded.
  • The baling data is stored in the App and can be searched and reviewed at any time simply by opening the App on the mobile device.
  • The App does not need to be connected to the baler via the wireless interface in order to review or transfer baling data; it can be done anytime and anywhere from the convenience of the mobile device.
  • The Bale Command™ II PLUS monitor continues to function as the display and input device for the baler.
  • All baler settings are changed using the monitor keypad.
  • Any settings that are displayed on the App Job screens are direct inputs from the monitor settings.

Simplify and Streamline Baling Data

Store Data

  • Baling data can be stored on a mobile device or tablet.

Monitor Baling Activity

  • Adjust baler settings and bale count and moisture in real time.

Export Data

  • Invoices can be exported as a .PDF, .CSV, or .QIF (Quicken Interchange Format).

Search for Completed Jobs

  • Data can be filtered by bale count, date, crop type, field name, customer name or invoice status to locate data from prior work.

Invoice Creation and Delivery

  • Professional invoices are created and can be sent by text, email, WhatsApp, or sent directly to wireless printer.

Hardware and Software Components

DIA Kit (part # 92121380) includes:

  • Bluetooth Module connects to the diagnostic port in the Bale Command™ II Plus monitor harness.
  • Data transferred via Bluetooth connection to mobile device with Bale Manager App (available in Apple Store or Google Play).
  • Installation instructions.

Compatible Balers

The Bale Manager App is compatible with all Roll-Belt™ Series round balers that are equipped with the Bale Command™ II PLUS electronics system.

Applicable Models:

  • New Holland Roll-Belt 450, 460, 560
  • New Holland Roll-Belt 150, 180
  • New Holland Roll-Belt 450 Utility Plus
  • Note: MY14 and MY15 balers will require a baler software update via the EST to v3.2.0.0 or later before installing the App.

The Bale Command App is not compatible with balers that have the ISOBUS electronics system or the Standard Twine Only, Auto Wrap™ II system.