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Use the table below to look up your model and view the parts manual to find the part numbers you need. Once you have the located the part numbers you need, use the search box above to search our inventory. You can also click on the model number to view all parts for that model. If you need assistance, please use our online chat feature at the bottom right corner of the page, or leave us a message if we are offline and we will follow up within 24 hours.

Exmark Models

Category / SeriesModelYearSerial # RangeOperator's ManualParts ManualSetup InstructionsAddendumReference Guide
wdt_IDCategory / SeriesModelYearSerial # RangeOperator's ManualParts ManualSetup InstructionsAddendumReference Guide
1Turf Tracer Five SpeedTT-14KNoneNone1-8501371-850110NoneNoneNone
2Turf Tracer Five SpeedTT-17KNoneNone1-8501371-850110NoneNoneNone
3Turf Tracer Five SpeedTT-18KONoneNone1-8501371-850110NoneNoneNone
4Turf RangerTR-17KNoneNone1-8501271-850126NoneNoneNone
5Turf RangerTR-18KONoneNone1-8501271-850126NoneNoneNone
6Viking 5-SpeedV36-12.5BV-5NoneNone1-8501021-850103NoneNoneNone
7Viking 5-SpeedV48-14BV-5NoneNone1-8501021-850103NoneNoneNone
8Turf Tracer 1800TT-1800NoneNone1-8500831-850084NoneNoneNone
9Turf RangerTR-1800NoneNone1-8500711-850072NoneNoneNone
10Explorer 1800EX1800NoneNone1-8500691-850070NoneNoneNone

Exmark Model Year by Serial Number

Serial Number RangesModel Year
wdt_IDSerial Number RangesModel Year
110000 - 199991986
220000 - 299991987
330000 - 399991988
440000 - 499991989
550000 - 599991990
660000 - 699991991
770000 - 799991992
880000 - 899991993
990000 - 1019991994
10102000 - 1149991995