New Holland PLM Connect Software

New Holland’s PLM Connect advanced farm management system gives you instant access to information for every machine in your fleet – including machine location, diagnostics, and fuel and engine stats. Use it to manage operator and equipment performance, and monitor real-time data to make informed decisions that impact your bottom line. Choose between the entry level Essential Package or upgrade to the advanced Professional Package depending on your individual needs.


  • Graphic Reports show area worked, yield average, flow average, moisture average and more
  • Custom Alerts allow you to create alerts for maintenance, geofencing, curfew and more
  • Fleet Management pinpoints the exact location of each machine
  • Machine Dashboard Monitoring allows you to view real-time machine parameters from a remote location: monitor engine speed, oil temperature, coolant temperature and level, hydraulic oil temperature and pressure, fuel and more
  • Vehicle and/or Implement Data Monitoring lets you view real-time equipment performance data including yield, moisture, singulation, target rates, rotor speed, engine speed and more
  • Data Sharing seamlessly transfers PLM data wirelessly between your machines and home office or trusted adviser — upload prescriptions directly to your machine and drive daily management decisions based on your current agronomic data:
    − My Farm Manager™ web platform from Decisive Farming
    − Encirca™ services from DuPont Pioneer
    − AgStudio® software from MapShots
    − OnSite technologies from AgIntegrated
    − AgReliant Advantage Acre from Ag Reliant Genetics
    − AgWorks by AgRetail, for AgRetail
    − FieldReveal
    − GROWMARK System
    − I.F.A.R.M.
    − Farmer Pro software from Trimble
  • Cellular RTK Guidance (NTRIP) delivers guidance correction to a reliable sub-inch accuracy from year-to-year using PLM Connect hardware

Wireless Data Transfer

PLM Connect further enhances your connectivity with its wireless file-transfer feature that uses the cloud to easily and securely transfer data to and from your machines. This means easier access, or transfer, of data such as guidance lines, boundaries, variable-rate prescriptions, as-applied data, coverage maps, yield and moisture data, etc.

Remotely Manage Machines From the Office

By using the PLM Connect virtual dashboard, you can monitor key operating parameters such as engine speed, hydraulic oil temperature, fuel level, and much more, to manage individual vehicle efficiency. You can also receive fault code alerts so that any service issues that arise can be quickly resolved.

Optimizing Fleet Management

Monitor up to 40 different vehicle parameters in real time. This allows you to proactively optimize each vehicle’s settings using a simple messaging service, which is used to send the operator information on how they can implement the ideal machine settings to improve performance. This feature can also be used to remotely troubleshoot any service issues that might arise, minimizing any downtime and ensuring that your equipment is quickly back up and running.

Accurate Vehicle Comparisons

Now you can accurately compare the performance of multiple machines to ensure that the most efficient machine settings are used across your entire fleet. You receive data from each field, helping you track operating costs and make informed decisions for improving operating efficiencies.

PLM Connect Essential vs. PLM Connect Professional:

Feature PLM Connect Essential PLM Connect Professional
Vehicle / Fleet Management:
  • Vehicle mapping
  • Asynchronous updates
- History / breadcrumbing
Yes Yes
Vehicle / Fleet Monitoring:
  • Motion detection and alarm after key off
  • Geo-fence alerts
- Curfew alerts
Yes Yes
Vehicle / Fleet Maintenance:
  • Pre-populated maintenance card
  • Maintenance alerts
Yes Yes
Vehicle / Fleet Status: Key On, Idle, Long Idle, Working, High Workload, Moving, Working & Moving, Working & Moving & Unloading, Unloading & Working, Unloading & Moving, Unloading, Field Yes Yes
  • Engine hours
  • Key On / Off
  • Equipment utilization including fuel
  • Proprietary CAN data reporting
  • Alarm management for CAN signals
Yes* Yes
Vehicle Dashboard: Graphical representation of key vehicle parameters Yes Yes
PLM Connect to Vehicle Messaging: Web portal to vehicle with predefined answers No Yes
Vehicle Display:
  • Vehicle parameters in run screens
  • Allow PLM Connect Live - Real Time Connection
No Yes
Wireless Data Transfer:
  • Remote transfer of data to/from Vehicle/Office via PLM Connect Service Delivery Platform
  • An option for either Essential or Professional
Optional Optional
*Excluding proprietary CAN data reporting and alarm management for CAN signals


This is an All-Makes Compatible Product:

Compatible with:

Displays: Intelliview IV

For more information about the PLM Connect software, call our Ag Technologies location (1268 E 100 S Rochester, IN 46975) at 574-223-2714.