New Holland IntelliView™ IV Display

The New Holland IntelliView™ IV display is an intuitive, color touchscreen display that can be factory-integrated in numerous models of New Holland equipment. It has full ISOBUS compatibility and can be used to both control key vehicle functions and run precision applications, such as IntelliSteer™ auto guidance, as applied mapping and implement control of mixed fleets of equipment. The intuitive, customizable, and easy-to-read display allows you to view up to six run screens for controlling key vehicle functions and running PLM applications.

Display Features

  • 10.4″ color touchscreen display
  • 3 video inputs to monitor implements and grain tank fill, ease vehicle back-up and increase safety
  • 6 customizable run screens allow you to configure what you want to monitor and/or control
  • ISOBUS Virtual Terminal

Guidance and Mapping


Available Demo Features

Equipment Optimization

ISOBUS Class 3 communicates information between the implement and the tractor, allowing the implement to control tractor functions to optimize packaging, bale density, forage quality and bale consistency.


IntelliBale improves productivity and reduces operator fatigue utilizing ISOBUS Class 3 Tractor and Baler Automation to automate the baling cycle by:

  • Stopping the tractor
  • Applying net wrap to the bale
  • Raising and lowering the tailgate


IntelliCruise automatically adjusts the tractor’s forward speed to maintain a consistent feed rate so you are always baling at the desired capacity. Charge Control Mode uses crop feed readings from the baler to adjust tractor speed to achieve optimum efficiency while Slice Control Mode adjusts the tractor speed to obtain a user defined amount of slices.

  • Dramatically reduces operator fatigue
  • Increases capacity and productivity by up to 9% compared with an inexperienced or fatigued operator
  • Less fuel consumption reduces production cost

Application Control

  • Prescription Variable-Rate Application: Supports up to 7 products between the implement or vehicle software, ISO Task Controller, IntelliRate, or any combination of these.
  • Automatic Section Control: Supports up to 48 sections independently to minimize skips or overlaps
  • AutoBoom™: Automatically adjusts the sprayer boom height when changes in terrain are detected.


  • Yield and Moisture Mapping: Monitors and records yield and moisture data.
  • Variety Tracking: Tracks yield and moisture data by hybrid or variety using as-applied planting data.


This is an All-Makes Compatible Product:

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