New Holland PLM Software

A single software suite enables you to maximize the value of your precision land management (PLM) technology. New Holland’s PLM Software enables you to view, edit, manage, analyze and utilize your precision farming data. Designed to fit your operation’s needs, PLM Software offers the flexibility and analysis power to support all your precision farming needs. Generate yield maps, prescription maps and more from a single, integrated software package. Organize and generate layouts, reports, charts and maps all with a single software program. Plus, create soil sampling maps, create and print reports and import satellite imagery.

Technology in the Field

Use PLM data – historical and in season – to plan for higher yields this year and in the years to come. Rather than work an entire field, target the appropriate tillage to areas showing likely signs of compaction, or use variable-rate technology to apply the right nutrients at the proper rate, precisely when your growing crop needs them.

Multiple File Formats

New Holland PLM Software makes it easy to import and export data in a variety of file formats, allowing you to pull in data from multiple sources.

  • ESRI Shape
  • ASCII text
  • BMP, JPEG, GeoTIFF or TIF image files

Software Download

Download your copy of PLM™ Software compatible with Microsoft Windows. Requires an activation key that can be purchased from us at 574-224-8324.

Click Here to Download the PLM Software Package

This is an All-Makes Compatible Product:

For more information about the New Holland PLM Software, call our Ag Technologies location (1268 E 100 S Rochester, IN 46975) at 574-223-2714.