New Holland RTK+

New Holland Precision Land Management (PLM) RTK Plus (+) delivers cellular connection to a reliable sub-inch accuracy, pass-to-pass and year-to-year. Cellular RTK correction signals alleviate problems associated with traditional radio-delivered RTK signals, including 8-mile radius restriction from base, and line-of-sight issues caused by trees, valleys, hills, and building structures. Extend your distance of travel while maintaining seamless connectivity anywhere within the RTK+ network with New Holland PLM RTK+.

How PLM RTK+ Works

Use your smartphone, tablet, or vehicle modem to transmit its estimated location to an internet server via cellular connection. The server calculates the correction by using the known position of nearby networked stations. Cellular RTK correction signals provide consistent, uniform coverage anywhere within the network where a cellular signal is available. Additionally, xFill™ will continue to provide corrections in the event of a temporary loss of cell phone signal.

PLM RTK+ Features and Benefits

  • Correction to a reliable sub-inch accuracy – Improves field efficiency, reduces overlaps and skips, and allows for more accurate placement of inputs.
  • Networked cellular RTK correction – No line shifts between bases as seen with traditional single base or standalone stations.
  • Cellular RTK signals are not affected by line-of-sight issues such as trees, hills, or buildings – Minimizes opportunities for dropped or degraded correction signals and extends distance of travel with seamless connectivity.plm-nh-rtk-vs-traditional-rtk
  • Compatible with competitive modems, and supports most common correction types – Allows you to incorporate PLM RTK+ into your mixed fleet operation.
  • Features xFill™ Technology – Runs seamlessly in the background automatically bridging the gap if PLM RTK+ is interrupted due to cellular signal disruption.

Our RTK+ Network (pink area represents sub-inch accuracy):

Download the Mobile App

Keep track and monitor the status of your fleet from your mobile phone. The PLM RTK+ app is available for Android and iOS – download for FREE from the Google Play Store or Apple Store:

  • Monitor your equipment and see surrounding reference stations
  • Zoom in to see a specific vehicle or reference station
  • View details of a vehicle or reference station
  • List mode to see the active vehicles and filters

Scan the QR-code below based on your type of phone to download the app (or search for New Holland PLM Connect RTK in the Apple App Store / Google Play Store):


This is an All-Makes Compatible Product:

Regardless of the brand, you get instant access to the high-precision PLM RTK+ network without having to manually switch from one reference station to another (PLM RTK+ is currently not compatible with John Deere’s proprietary NCT data format).

For more information about the New Holland PLM RTK+ signal, call our Ag Technologies location (1268 E 100 S Rochester, IN 46975) at 574-223-2714.