Trimble FieldLevel™ II

The Trimble FieldLevel II system streamlines the surveying, designing, and leveling steps required for land-leveling projects and provides two methods for installing rice levees.

Here is a New Holland promotional video showing the concept of the Trimble FieldLevel II (the text in the video is foreign, but you will still get the general idea of the system):

Land Leveling

FieldLevel II is a complete solution for surveying, designing, and leveling field surfaces to ensure optimal water management.



  • Map fields to provide optimal field coverage
  • Easily create boundaries, interior points, and surfaces
  • Calculate and report on the true acreage of the survey area


  • Design the best surface using Autoplane technology
  • Define primary and cross slopes
  • Utilize Multiplane design software for more complex field requirements


  • Drive scraper hydraulic valves automatically
  • Operate both tandem and dual scraper systems


  • Efficiently distribute water by maintaining grade
  • Improve yields by controlling excess water
  • Minimize water costs and improve farm productivity

Use the FieldLevel II System for:

  • Topographic surveying
  • Land leveling
  • Levee design and installation
  • Draining tiling

Levee Design and Installation

FieldLevel II offers two methods of installing rice levees including a complete levee design and grade solution or the option of guiding the vehicle manually along a contour.


This is an All-Makes Compatible Product:

Compatible with:

Displays: XCN-2050™

For more information about the Trimble FieldLevel II, call our Ag Technologies location (1268 E 100 S Rochester, IN 46975) at 574-223-2714.