Trimble WM-Drain® Farm Drainage Solution

The Trimble WM-Drain farm drainage solution is a concept-to-completion toolset that streamlines the survey, analysis, design, installation, and mapping steps of surface and subsurface drainage. The WM-Drain solution ensures optimal 3D drain placement, which improves crop yields by controlling ponding, optimizing root depth, maximizing planting seasons, and minimizing nutrient loss.


  • Seamless, integrated solution for survey, analysis, design, installation, and mapping steps of surface and subsurface drainage projects
  • Software for analysis and optimal 3D drainage design
  • On-the-go design capabilities
  • T3™ Enhanced Terrain Compensation Technology for roll-corrected 3D positioning

Use the WM-Drain System for:

  • Survey: Collect 3D field data with ease using either the WM-Topo™ survey system or XCN-2050™ display.
  • Analyze: Analyze the 3D field data using Farm Works™ Surface software to make better-informed drainage decisions and plans.
  • Design: Design and verify a complete 3D drainage system using Surface software, or design drainage lines on-the-go without having to leave your vehicle.
  • Install: Take your drainage designs back to the field and utilize the WM-Drain module on the XCN-2050 display along with 3D machine control technology for precise installation of your pipe or surface ditches.
  • Map: Map the true location of your installed drainage pipes or ditches and utilize the records for future maintenance or drainage expansion projects.


  • Complete all your drainage operations with one integrated solution that can be used with any type of drainage plow.
  • Improve crop yields up to 30% by removing excess water reducing plant stress and allowing for a more developed root zone.
  • Reduce field compaction and minimize soil erosion.
  • Increase operating efficiency up to 20% compared to laser equipment.

PLM Water Control

PLM Water Control is a component of PLM Software that provides surface and subsurface water management solutions.


This is an All-Makes Compatible Product:

Compatible with:

Displays: XCN-2050™

For more information about the Trimble WM-Drain Farm Drainage Solution, call our Ag Technologies location (1268 E 100 S Rochester, IN 46975) at 574-223-2714.