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New Holland Wins 5 ASABE AE50 Awards for 2018

New Holland, Pa. (November 13, 2017) – The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) has named five of New Holland Agriculture’s most recent technological advancements as recipients of 2018 AE50 awards. The AE50 awards honor the year’s most innovative designs in engineering products or systems for the food and agriculture industries. The Dynamic Command™ transmission for T6 series tractors, the CustomSteer™ feature for select T6 and T7 tractors, the IntelliTurn™ end of row turning automation feature, the Optispread Plus™ residue management system for CR combines, and the Guardian™ SP310F high clearance self-propelled front boom sprayer are this year’s winners.

“The New Holland brand strives to provide practical innovations to help our customers operate at the highest levels of productivity and efficiency, and these five AE50 award-winning products truly embody that concept,” said Bret Lieberman, Vice President for New Holland North America. “I am proud of the New Holland Agriculture team here in the United States and around the world for their ability to continue to deliver products and technologies that are honored with the AE50 distinction from ASABE, and we look forward to continue to perform at this level in the future.”

  • The Dynamic Command™ is a 24 x 24 semi-powershift dual clutch transmission available for T6 series 4-cylinder tractors – an industry-exclusive for tractors in the 95 to 120 PTO horsepower range. By providing 8 gears in 3 ranges, the speed overlap between the ranges has been designed to allow operators to select the most suitable for their application and remain within that range until the task in completed, with no disruption in power to the ground. There is also a dedicated clutch for forward and reverse, ensuring a controlled power shuttle, even on steep hills.Both the speed overlap and the dedicated forward/reverse shuttle clutch features create more comfortable working environment for the operator while using less fuel. The combination of all of these features allows the operator to work comfortably with the minimum amount of input and provide best in class performance and productivity.

Click Here to Learn More about the T6 Dynamic Command Tractor Lineup and Features

  • CustomSteer™, a new optional feature for T6 and T7 series tractors that reduces the numbers of turns of the steering wheel required by the operator. CustomSteer makes maneuvering the tractor while loading easier and less repetitive, just one rotation of the steering wheel can turn the steering fully from left to right while still maintaining precise control.

  • IntelliTurn™ end-of-row turning automation raises the bar for in-field efficiency by executing end-of-row turns on behalf of the operator in even the most challenging field shapes. Since its introduction, IntelliTurn has been recognized for its industry-leading adaptability, working in all field types at varying speeds to improve productivity and reduce operator fatigue. IntelliTurn is a technology born from the NHDRIVE concept autonomous tractor, and has been proven to be a highly valuable feature for customers today. It is currently available on T6, T7, T8, and T9 tractors, with plans to roll out to additional products in the future. Call Eli Fred with Ag Technologies at 574-224-8324 for more information!

  • Optispread Plus™ residue management system for New Holland CR combines provides an improved residue spreading solution to combine operators, delivering excellent chopping performance and even spreading of the residue over the width of current and future combine headers. The patented system provides four main benefits to New Holland customers. First, it finely chops residue, allowing it to decompose and fertilize fields more quickly than previous and competitive systems. Second, it provides an even distribution of residue, reducing potential yield loss. Third, it spreads the residue across the entire width of the combine head. And finally, all these features are made possible via in-cab adjustments, allowing the operator to easily select spreading width, spreading pattern, and wind compensation without having to leave his seat. Here is a video demonstrating this system:

  • The Guardian SP310F high clearance self-propelled front boom sprayer is the first model that was engineered and built as a result of New Holland’s acquisition of the Miller-St. Nazianz company. Boasting an industry-leading crop clearance of up to 78 inches, the Guardian SP310F was designed to give operators the flexibility to spray effectively in all crops and during all stages of crop growth – from short beans to late-season corn. To further enhance productivity, the suspension can be adjusted in the cab from 72 to 78 inches, depending on the needs of the operator. It also features a completely redesigned suspension, an FPT engine, a newly designed cab, and even weight distribution to reduce soil compaction and maintain traction.

Companies from around the world submit entries to ASABE’s annual AE50 competition and up to 50 of the best products are chosen by a panel of international engineering experts. The judges select innovative products that will best advance engineering for the food and agriculture industries.

Each of the five New Holland winners will be featured in the January/February 2018 special issue of ASABE’s magazine Resource: Engineering & Technology for a Sustainable World, a magazine geared to agricultural, biological and food system engineers worldwide, produced by ASABE. Read more at

ASABE is an international scientific and educational organization dedicated to the advancement of engineering applicable to agricultural, food, and biological systems. Further information on the Society can be obtained by visiting

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New Holland Agriculture Wins Six AE50 Awards for Engineering Innovation

New Holland AE50 Award winners for 2016 include:

  • IntelliCruiseTM Feed Rate Control System for New Holland BigBaler Series Large Square Balers
  • T7.315 and T7.290 Heavy Duty Tractors
  • Flexi-Coil® P Series Air Carts
  • Modular and Configurable Rice Concave for New Holland CX Combines
  • AutofloatTM Sunflower Kit for Mid-range CX Combines
  • Dual StreamTM Header Attachment for all New Holland Combines

New Holland Agriculture has been honored with six prestigious AE50 Awards for engineering and innovation excellence by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE). The AE50 Award Program is sponsored annually by ASABE, and celebrates product innovations in the areas of agricultural, food, and biological system engineering. The Award is given to products that rank highest in innovation, significant engineering advancement, and impact on the market served.

“I am exceptionally proud of these awards and I consider them a fitting testament for New Holland in 2016.” Stated Carlo Lambro, Brand President, New Holland Agriculture. “They represent the key  strengths of our brand, our people, who have shown unswerving dedication  and our commitment to developing state of the art technology, which improves the efficiency, productivity and sustainability of the world’s farmers.”

IntelliCruise™ Feed Rate Control System

The IntelliCruise Feed Rate Control System for New Holland BigBaler Series Large Square Balers allows the baler to run at optimal performance by controlling the speed of the tractor. Since most fields have varying crop yields, resulting in inconsistent swaths, it becomes difficult to maintain a consistent feed rate. The IntelliCruise System helps to overcome this challenge for operators, allowing them to achieve targeted operating capacity or specified flake number and uniform thickness while baling.

The new IntelliCruise™ Feed Rate Control System offers the operator two modes of operation: Charge Control (Rotor Cutter Only) or Slice Control (all BigBaler models).

When operated in Charge Control Mode, IntelliCruise automatically matches the tractor’s forward speed to crop load at the BigBaler. A charge sensor on the stuffer constantly monitors the bale charges, or slices, delivered to the bale chamber. The system measures the demand placed on the baler (from cropflow) and adjusts the tractor’s forward speed for optimal crop feeding. In areas with lighter crop, forward speed automatically increases so you consistently work at the capacity you specify.

In Slice Control Mode, tractor speed is adapted based on slice thickness by utilizing the electronic bale length potentiometer. This ensures that each bale has the exact number of slices that have been defined by the operator.

Using the IntelliCruise system results in reduced fatigue because fewer operator interventions are needed, up to 9% higher capacity and productivity over an inexperienced or fatigued operator, and lower fuel consumption resulting in lower production costs.

T7.315 and T7.290 Heavy Duty Tractors

New Holland expands its tractor offering with brand new models, the T7.290 and T7.315, to meet the demand for growers needing increased power, but the versatility to perform numerous jobs. These new T7 series tractors deliver power without compromise, class-leading torque and high efficiency.

These models offer growers unparalleled versatility for performing a wide range of jobs. They are ideal for row crop work, baling hay, mowing, hauling manure or other big chores. The Horizon™ cab provides a quiet and supremely comfortable operating environment, along with precision technology that enables growers to optimize efficiency and performance, while staying connected with their entire farming operation. These new models also feature New Holland’s revolutionary IntelliCruise™ tractor-baler automation that allows the New Holland BigBaler to control the tractor’s speed according to changes in the windrow to maximize productivity and bale consistency.

Flexi-Coil® P Series Air Carts

The all-new Flexi-Coil® P Series Air Carts from New Holland set a new standard for accurate, reliable air-seeding delivery. Each primary run on the IntelliRate™ Modular Metering System (IMMS) operates using patented, independent, 24-volt electric-drive motors with integrated controls that provide the flexibility to accurately apply product in either single-shoot or double-shoot applications. This modular system can distribute and combine any tank to any primary run. The IMMS system adjusts rates on individual runs to match the number of ports for each separate header maintaining seeding accuracy across the entire width of the drill.

The P Series IntelliRate™ sectional-control option has the ability to individually control up to 12 sections of the air drill to eliminate double applications of seed and fertilizer. With New Holland PLM™ (Precision Land Management) auto-guidance, the system turns off air-drill sections automatically in areas that have already been covered.

Modular and Configurable Rice Concave for New Holland CX Combines

The new Modular and Configurable Rice Concave for New Holland CX Combines gives customers the ability to quickly and easily switch between crops as well as configure the concave for the optimal balance of protecting grain quality while reducing the amount of crop left unthreshed.

Instead of spending hours exchanging a compete concave, the operator can easily unbolt and remove sections of the concave to remove or add friction wires to match crop conditions in less than 30 minutes. Broken kernels in this sensitive crop can be reduced by 50 percent while unthreshed grain heads can be reduced to nearly zero. This new rice concave is an option on New Holland CX7 & CX8 combine models.

AutofloatTM Sunflower Kit for Mid-range CX Combines

The New Holland Autofloat™ Sunflower Kit provides sunflower harvesters the next step in automation by removing the need for the operator to adjust the chopping height while going through the field. The new patented kit, which can be added to most sunflower headers in the market, delivers a constant chopping height – independent of the cutting height — regardless of field conditions or machine orientation.

This is achieved by using hydraulically lifted choppers controlled in a closed loop by sensing and reacting to the ground pressure applied by the chopper. Once the operator sets the cutting height and selects a set point for the pressure of the chopper on the ground, the Autofloat kit keeps the cutting height and ground pressure constant without further intervention of the operator. The system reacts quickly to bumps or stones to avoid damage to the chopper while allowing the operator to focus on other combine functions vs. manual interventions.

Dual Stream™ Header Attachment for all New Holland Combines

The all-new New Holland Dual Stream™ System mounts to the back of the New Holland  Varifeed™ Grain Header to allow operators to make a higher cut, removing only the top portion of the crop that contains the grain for processing in the combine. The secondary cutterbar on the Dual Stream™ attachment makes a final, lower cut removing the remaining straw to the final desired stubble height all in the same pass.

The attachment includes a processing roll to actively work the second-cut straw down into the stubble, improving its rate of decomposition. Because the combine is only processing the top, driest portion of the crop, the combine operator will see significant improvements in combine capacity, reduced fuel consumption, reduced grain loss, longer harvesting window and perfect straw distribution. The Dual Stream™ Header attachment is available for the 25, 30, 35 and 41-foot  Varifeed™ Grain Headers.