New Holland IntelliSpray™

Superior Spray Technology to Meet Your Productivity Demands

Give every field the best chance of achieving the highest possible yield – while maximizing resources for optimal return on investment. To make the most of your chemical application, every New Holland Guardian™ sprayer can be equipped with advanced spray technology.

IntelliSpray Enhances New Holland Guardian Sprayer Productivity:

  • Controls product flow and pressure more precisely than conventional rate controllers
  • Optimizes application rates and droplet sizes for consistent application, regardless of speed and ground conditions
  • Delivers more consistent application, even in turns, rough terrain and irregular-shaped fields

How IntelliSpray Works:

Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) spray technology ensures a constant application rate and spray pressure, even when sprayer speed changes. Think of it as a way to change nozzle tips without leaving the cab.

  • IntelliSpray automatically and precisely controls the flow to meet targeted application rates
  • Working at 10 pulses per second, nozzle valves vary the duty cycle to maintain the correct application rate as sprayer speed changes

Achieve Greater Spray Efficiency with Advanced Diagnostics and Precision Tools:

Nozzle Valve Diagnostics

With a nozzle valve diagnostic system, IntelliSpray gives you peace of mind that you’ll be able to spot malfunctioning nozzles.

  • Monitors each nozzle and alerts operator of potential problems
  • •LED indicators on each solenoid valve help you spot problems quickly and easily

Simple One-Screen Operation

IntelliSpray operates through the sprayer’s rate controller – including the IntelliView IV, Viper 4+, or other ISO Virtual Terminal (VT) display.

  • Monitor and adjust application rate, spray pressure, boom section status, product tank volume and other operating parameters – all from one display

Accurate Spray Mapping

  • Generate as-applied maps and application reports•
  • IntelliSpray recognizes internal and external boundaries, along with no-spray zones

Better Application Quality Across Every Field:

Precise Product Flow

IntelliSpray precisely controls product flow and spray pressure.

  • Accommodate sprayer wheel tracks, fence rows or other field conditions with pre-set spray rates up to 30% higher than your target rate on up to eight nozzles
  • 36 separate “virtual” boom sections deliver the ultimate in spray accuracy and precision

Constant Coverage Everywhere

Out of the Corner Control

high – pressure drift puffs

Improved Drift Control

For on-demand drift control, IntelliSpray allows you to toggle between two pre-set spray pressures that can be reset up or down at any time.

  • Pre-set a target spray pressure to achieve the desired droplet size for the product you are applying
  • Input a lower pressure setting to selectively avoid off-target application

Instant On / Off

  • Reach target rate and spray pressure immediately after nozzles are turned on
  • No pressure bleed-down or nozzle dribble at turn-off

Efficient, Effective Applications

Eliminate worry about over- or under-application:

  • Maintains consistent application rate and spray pressure across the field and over a wide range of speeds
  • Constant pressure allows you to choose the speed that best fits your conditions and still get the best possible product coverage

Turn Compensation

Ground speed varies across the boom during turns, causing inconsistencies in application. IntelliSpray compensates for different speeds to ensure the correct application rate all the way across the boom:

  • Each nozzle adjusts to match the targeted application rate based on speed, nozzle position on the boom and the turn radius


  • Compatible with: 2017 Guardian Sprayers (Front Boom)

For more information on IntelliSpray, contact Ag Technologies (1268 E 100 S Rochester, Indiana 46975) at 574-224-8324.