New Holland PLM Mapping

New Holland’s PLM Mapping software provides basic and advanced layering functionality while maintaining a complete field record- keeping system. With the flexibility to handle multiple types of hardware solutions, this package allows you to make management decisions from yield data, soil types, soil test results, hybrids, and more.

  • Read and write data for use with a wide range of precision farming devices
  • Layer variety maps with yield maps to establish yield performance
  • Create, edit and manage guidance paths from popular guidance systems including all New Holland guidance displays •
  • Print reports for seed varieties, restricted use chemicals, fertilizer usage, equipment maintenance and more

Data Management

Overlay yield and soil maps to determine the best use of inputs for the field. Then, generate a prescription that can be sent directly to the machine using Data Sharing:

  • Soil Map. Analyze a field’s soil makeup to help determine which fertilizer to use and how much
  • Yield Map. Analyze previous years’ yield maps to help determine input amounts in any given location in the field for maximized yield potential
  • Prescription Map. Generate a prescription map using yield and soil data to maximize an entire field’s growing potential while minimizing input costs; transfer the prescription directly to the machine using Data Sharing with PLM Connect
  • As-Applied Map. Record exactly what is being applied during application
  • Vehicle Performance Map. Map fuel economy using the Trip Computer software in the IntelliView IV display to analyze differences in operations and operators•
  • Boundary Map. Create interior and exterior boundaries of fields, such as waterways, terraces, etc


This is an All-Makes Compatible Product:

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