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The New Holland Genesis T8 With PLM Intelligence

The New Holland redesigned T8 is built for the way you work. Growing production demands, resource challenges, labor shortages, weather uncertainties… these are just a few of the obstacles you face every day. You need a dependable partner in the field to help you simplify things. One that knows your operation inside and out. That connects you effortlessly to real-time resources and insights. That adapts to the way you work… not the other way around.

Customizable Control— When the time comes to deliver precision results in the field, there’s no room for a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Every operator has their own unique preferences and requirements with their IntelliView display. So, we built your controls package around the revolutionary idea that custom adjustments should come standard. Variable hydraulic technology lets you control all eight remote valves from any of 15 in-cab hydraulic buttons. Up to nine configurable buttons let you customize armrest controls to the operator or the task at hand.

Improved Visibility— Whether you’re in an open field or on a busy road, awareness of your surroundings is essential. We’ve reduced in-cab obstructions, placed your InfoView™ monitor in direct line-of-sight and even installed a nose mounted camera and a rear facing camera for road safety and in-field work. Welcome to your new horizon. Additional cab lights and controls let you configure custom lighting patterns, choose from three different lighting packages and turn night into day. Redesigned cab and instrument layout provides you with nearly 360-degrees of visibility. Strategically placed cameras offer additional safety, visibility and peace of mind. In the field or on the road.

Enhanced Comfort— With all the hours you spend in the field, shouldn’t work feel a little more like home? We think so. That’s why we’ve added more accessible storage, power ports, HVAC vents, egress lights and the most comfortable seat outside of your living room. Multi-zone HVAC system ensures optimal comfort, control and visibility no matter the climate or season. Redesigned SideWinder™ Ultra armrest offers multi-directional, independent motion to provide nearly infinite comfort configurations.

Advanced Support— When there’s no time for “downtime,” you need a tractor that measures productivity and precision in seconds and inches. We engineered New Holland Remote Assistance to provide remote connectivity, advanced diagnostics, and remote display viewing whenever, and wherever you need it. Customer-to-Vehicle connectivity allows you to run your farm business from the cab, the farm office or the other side of the world. Dealer-to-Vehicle connectivity helps you minimize downtime with proactive support, remote monitoring and diagnostics, and in-field software updates. Advisor-to-Vehicle connectivity lets you stay in touch with nutritionists, agronomists and other experts to improve decision-making on the move.

Intuitive Simplicity— True innovation doesn’t require an advanced degree to operate. To help you harness all of the powerful features and technologies built into the new T8, we developed a user-friendly interface that feels as natural and instinctual as agriculture itself. Improved button orientation and handle ergonomics put precision command in your hands. Enhanced joystick design lets you control tractor transmission functions as well as hydraulic remotes. Bluetooth connection allows you to control phone and radio through armrest or display. Easily split screens, expand tiles, and set up tasks right from the homescreen on the new IntelliView 12™ in-cab display.

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Join Us at an Upcoming Solar Panel System Educational Meeting

Join us at any of our upcoming solar meetings and learn why solar is one of the hottest trends for farmers and businesses. This will be an educational meeting for people interested in installing a solar panel system to learn about solar energy, why it’s been so popular the last couple of years, and what sets our system apart from others. Feel free to bring a recent electric bill with you to help determine if you are in a good position to take advantage of reducing or eliminating your electric cost. If solar makes sense for you, now is the best time to take advantage of the 30% federal tax credit!

Date & TimeLocation
2/21/19 – 2pm to 3:30pm
New Holland Tri-County, Inc. – 2675 S St. Rd. 1 – Bluffton, IN 46714
2/28/19 – 2pm to 3:30pmNew Holland Richmond, Inc. – 3100 Industries Rd. – Richmond, IN 47330

Learn more about our solar systems at Here are just a few of our 200+ systems installed:

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2019 Open House Schedule

Our annual Open House season is quickly approaching. Open House has always been our customer appreciation day. Along with providing a free meal, giving away door prizes, and showcasing the latest offerings in farm equipment and technology, we will be offering some of the best parts discounts of the season on all our brands!

We recommend getting in touch with our parts and service department now to look over your machinery to make sure it is fixed up and goo to go before the season begins for the best pricing available (i.e. planter meter inspections!) Company reps will be on hand to showcase the latest product offerings. We are especially excited this year to have the BRAND NEW NEW HOLLAND T8 SERIES TRACTOR on hand at each of our Open House events. This new tractor is being premiered for the first time to the public at the Louisville Farm Show, just days before our events. Here is our full upcoming schedule of events for the Open House:

Date & Time Event Location
2/19/19 - 9:30am - 3pm Rochester / Ag Technologies Open House (Lunch 11-1) New Holland Rochester - 1260 E 100 S - Rochester, IN 46975
2/21/19 - 9am - 11am New Holland Tri-County Applicator License Meeting New Holland Tri-County, 2675 S St Rd 1 Bluffton, IN 46714
2/21/19 - 11am - 3pm New Holland Tri-County Open House (Lunch 12-2) New Holland Tri-County, 2675 S St Rd 1 Bluffton, IN 46714
2/21/19 - 2pm - 3:30pm New Holland Tri-County Solar Meeting New Holland Tri-County, 2675 S St Rd 1 Bluffton, IN 46714
2/22/19 9:30am - 3pm New Holland Greentown Open House (Lunch 11-1) Howard County Fairgrounds, 610 E Payton St. Greentown, IN 46936
2/28/19 - 9:30am - 3pm New Holland Richmond Open House (Lunch 11-1) New Holland Richmond, 3100 Industries Rd, Richmond, IN 47374
2/28/19 - 2pm - 3:30pm New Holland Richmond Solar Meeting New Holland Richmond, 3100 Industries Rd, Richmond, IN 47374
3/1/19 - 9:30am - 3pm Rodkey New Holland Open House (Lunch 11-1) Rodkey New Holland, 3340 W St Rd 26, Rossville, IN 46065
3/5/19 - 9:30am - 3pm New Holland Logansport Open House (Lunch 11:30-1:30) New Holland Logansport, 2079 S US 35 Logansport, IN 46947

Feel free to contact us at anytime for more information about any of our events. We hope to see you soon!

See Also: 2019 Twine Pricing, 2019 Fluids Pricing

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Kivi-Pekka Rock Pickers are Hard as Stone

By using a Kivi-Pekka stone picker, you will be able to avoid causing wear and tear on your other farming machinery. The Kivi-Pekka stone picker will also help increase your crop yield, as there will be no stones to restrict the cutting height when harvesting, prevent harvesting or damage your machinery.

The machine is customized and manufactured according to the customer’s specifications. The KIVI-PEKKA, manufactured by Peltuote in Finland, is suitable for use by small co-operative groups and contractors, thanks to its durability and speed. In addition to field work, the KIVI-PEKKA can also be used for land clearance, road renovation and foundation work, golf courses and landscaping. Kivi-Pekka stone pickers are now sold in 43 countries, where they are used to collect stones from fields covering hundreds of thousands of acres.

Key Features:

  • Kivi-Pekka stone pickers do not require a large tractor. 70hp is required for the 4m (157″) working width model, and 80hp is required for the 5m (197″) and 6m (236″) models.
  • Maximum stone size is 50cm (20″) in diameter. The KIVI-PEKKA Flex Drum makes it possible to collect larger stones than when using the standard lifting drum. The lifting drum transmission is mounted on its own frame. This allows the frame and entire lifting drum to rise up together, thus making it possible to pick up stones 50 cm(20″) in diameter. The hydraulic pressure accumulator in the Flex Drum assists in raising the lifting drum when it comes upon a large stone. The drum can also be raised into its up position manually using hydraulics. The Flex Drum suspension dampens shocks to the sieve and tines, thus extending their service life. Thanks to the Flex Drum, there is no need to reverse rotation – the drum is simply raised to pick up large stones without having to stop.
  • Durability across the machine. Kivi-Pekka is equipped with strengthened drive belts, and power is transmitted to the lifting drum via straight drive belts, which reduces the power requirement. The belts do double duty as an overload protection mechanism, while also absorbing the shock from the stones that come into contact with the machine, thus preventing it from affecting the tractor through the transmission. The belts are highly resistant to wear and tear and require very little maintenance. Because the drivetrain contains no expensive parts that need replacing, the operating costs of the Kivi-Pekka stone picker are kept low.

Standard Equipment:

  • Standard tire size 560/60R22.5
  • All PTO shafts
  • Sieve for the stone tank
  • Sieve for the lifting drum
  • HD tines for the rotors
  • Lifting drum tines
  • LED lights and ‘slow-moving vehicle’ warning triangle
  • Gauge wheels with walking tandems for 5 and 6-metre models
  • Tipping height: 290 cm (114″)
  • Hydraulic working depth adjustment
  • Tool and spare parts box
  • Crow bar

Optional Accessories:

  • Other tire options: 710/45R22.5, 700/50R26.5, Walking tandems 500/50R17, Walking tandems 500/55R20
  • Hydraulic rotor lift
  • Flex Drum for 50 cm(20″) stones
  • Extra strong lifting drum tines (13×50)(1/2″x2″)
  • Rotation guard
  • Scharmuller K80 pick-up hitch
  • Gauge wheel walking tandems for 4-metre model
  • Hydraulic or pneumatic brakes

Technical Specs:

Kivi-Pekka 4 Kivi-Pekka 5 Kivi-Pekka 6 Kivi-Pekka 7
Weight 4,000kg / 8,818lbs 5,000kg / 11,023lbs 5,400kg / 11,905lbs 6,540kg / 14,418lbs
Working width 400cm / 157" 500cm / 197" 600cm / 236" 700cm / 276"
Size of stones 2.5cm-30cm / 1"-12" (up to 50cm / 20" with Flex Drum) 2.5cm-30cm / 1"-12" (up to 50cm / 20" with Flex Drum) 2.5cm-30cm / 1"-12" (up to 50cm / 20" with Flex Drum) 2.5cm-30cm / 1"-12" (up to 50cm / 20" with Flex Drum)
Efficiency 700kg (1,543lbs) per minute 1,000kg (2,205lbs) per minute 1,200kg (2,646lbs) per minute 1,400kg (3,086lbs) per minute
Tank volume 1.5-2cu. meters (53-71cu. feet) 1.5-2cu. meters (53-71cu. feet) 1.5-2cu. meters (53-71cu. feet) 3cu. meters (106cu. feet)
Power requirement 70hp 70hp 80hp
Working speed 1-6km/hr (0.6 - 3.7mph) 1-6km/hr (0.6 - 3.7mph) 1-6km/hr (0.6 - 3.7mph) 1-6km/hr (0.6 - 3.7mph)
Lift drum tines 18 tines 28 tines 28 tines 33 tines
Tipping height 235cm / 290cm (92" / 114") 235cm / 290cm (92" / 114") 235cm / 290cm (92" / 114") 290cm / 114"
Tire sizes
Single axle 560/60R22.5, 710/45R22.5, 700/50R26.5 560/60R22.5, 710/45R22.5, 700/50R26.5 560/60R22.5, 710/45R22.5, 700/50R26.5 -
Bogey axle 500/55R20, 500/50R17 500/55R20, 500/50R17 500/55R20, 500/50R17 560/60R22.5, 700/45R22
Support wheels 195 x 14 195 x 14 bogey 195 x 14 bogey 195 x 14 bogey

For more information on the Kivi-Pekka rock pickers, contact us at any of our locations today!

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Christmas Gift Guide

New Holland Royal Blue Cap ($17.59)

Who doesn’t love hats? One of our many stylish New Holland unisex hats!

New Holland Navy Long Sleeve Shirt ($20)

Stay warm this winter with this cozy New Holland long sleeve shirt! (Limited quantities on hand)

New Holland Multi-Tool ($37.00)

Exactly what every handyman needs! Perfect for women to keep in their purses!

New Holland Navy Knit Cap ($14.95)

This warm and stylish cap is the perfect Christmas gift!

New Holland CR8.90 1/32 Scale Combine ($79.99)

This New Holland CR8.90 Prestige Collection combine with corn and grain heads is perfect for any child or adult farm toy collector!

New Holland Frayed Navy Hat ($18.00)

New Holland frayed navy cap is stylish and perfect for that hard to buy for person!

New Holland Oatmeal Long Sleeve Shirt ($25.99)

Keep warm this winter with this comfy long sleeve t-shirt!

New Holland Blue Short Sleeve T-Shirt ($12.00)

Perfect for the New Holland loving person! Stylish and comfy t-shirt to work or relax in! (Limited quantities available)

New Holland Leather Palm Gloves ($7.21)

Perfect gift for the hardworking man or woman!

New Holland Blue Digital Camo Hoodie (Youth $35.00)

Available in select Youth and Adult sizes, perfect gift to keep warm this winter!

New Holland Cloth Gray Cap ($15.00)

Stylish unisex hat to go with any outfit from dressing up to everyday work!

New Holland Black & Blue Cap ($8.00)

Perfect hat for a stocking stuffer! This basic New Holland cap will go with anything you choose to wear!

New Holland 20″ Thermometer ($18.75)

This thermometer makes the perfect gift for any New Holland lover!

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Section 179 Equipment Deductions for Taxes

Farmers and companies can lower their taxes by buying equipment to use as deductions by December 31st of 2018. Essentially, Section 179 of the IRS tax code allows businesses to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment and/or software purchased or financed during the tax year. That means that if you buy (or lease) a piece of qualifying equipment, you can deduct the FULL PURCHASE PRICE from your gross income. It’s an incentive created by the U.S. government to encourage businesses to buy equipment and invest in themselves. In years past, when your business bought qualifying equipment, it typically wrote it off a little at a time through depreciation. In other words, if your company spends $50,000 on a machine, it gets to write off (say) $10,000 a year for five years (these numbers are only meant to give you an example). Now, while it’s true that this is better than no write-off at all, most business owners would really prefer to write off the entire equipment purchase price for the year they buy it. And that’s exactly what Section 179 does – it allows your business to write off the entire purchase price of qualifying equipment for the current tax year. This has made a big difference for many companies (and the economy in general.) Businesses have used Section 179 to purchase needed equipment right now, instead of waiting. For most small businesses, the entire cost of qualifying equipment can be written-off on the 2018 tax return (up to $1,000,000). Section 179 does come with limits – there are caps to the total amount written off ($1,000,000 for 2018), and limits to the total amount of the equipment purchased ($2,500,000 in 2018). The deduction begins to phase out on a dollar-for-dollar basis after $2,500,000 is spent by a given business (thus, the entire deduction goes away once $3,500,000 in purchases is reached), so this makes it a true small and medium-sized business deduction. All businesses that purchase, finance, and/or lease new or used business equipment during tax year 2018 should qualify for the Section 179 Deduction (assuming they spend less than $3,500,000). Most tangible goods used by American businesses, including “off-the-shelf” software and business-use vehicles (restrictions apply) qualify for the Section 179 Deduction. For basic guidelines on what property is covered under the Section 179 tax code, please refer to this list of qualifying equipment. Also, to qualify for the Section 179 Deduction, the equipment and/or software purchased or financed must be placed into service between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2018. Bonus depreciation is offered some years, and some years it isn’t. Right now in 2018, it’s being offered at 100%. The most important difference is both new and used equipment qualify for the Section 179 Deduction (as long as the used equipment is “new to you”), while Bonus Depreciation has only covered new equipment only until the most recent tax law passed. In a switch from recent years, the bonus depreciation now includes used equipment.
Bonus Depreciation is useful to very large businesses spending more than the Section 179 Spending Cap (currently $2,500,000) on new capital equipment. Also, businesses with a net loss are still qualified to deduct some of the cost of new equipment and carry-forward the loss. When applying these provisions, Section 179 is generally taken first, followed by Bonus Depreciation – unless the business had no taxable profit, because the unprofitable business is allowed to carry the loss forward to future years.

Looking for a tax deductible piece of equipment? Check out our all of our inventory here!

Lower your taxes by buying Kubota before 12/31. Check out our Kubota inventory here!

*New Holland Rochester Inc does not provide tax, legal or accounting advice. Customers are strongly encouraged to seek their own professional advice on the proper treatment of these transactions.*

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Kubota RTV-XG850

When the great outdoors calls, jump into your Sidekick and hit the gas. The Sidekick’s powerful 48 HP gasoline engine gives you speed to get there fast, up to 40 mph fast. And with impressive acceleration and torque, you’ll take on every big hill and destination with absolute confidence. It’s the confidence you get with an exceptionally balanced multipurpose utility vehicle.

The Sidekick is equipped with Kubota’s worry-free CVT-Plus Transmission. The centrifugal clutch keeps the heavy, double-cogged belt tight for minimal slippage, ensuring fast response and excellent belt durability. Fully shielded to keep out dust and water, the CVT-Plus also cools the CVT belt with a large cooling fan for even greater durability. Light at low speed and firm at high speed, the Sidekick’s speed sensitive 45A EPS (electric power steering) offers exceptional steering control, improving not only handling, but also stability. Standard on all RTV-XG850 series models, the EPS ensures outstanding performance even during full payloads. The Sidekick’s one-way sprag clutch and centrifugal clutch provides engine-assisted deceleration, letting you concentrate on steering rather than braking and giving you dependable control down steep slopes.

Even when fully loaded, the Sidekick won’t bottom out. Front and rear independent suspension delivers a smooth ride with plenty of ground clearance. Equipped with high strength Urethane bushings throughout the suspension for increased durability. The selectable full-time 4WD system ensures outstanding traveling performance, even under heavy loads, providing superior traction. The 4WD system can easily be turned off when 2WD is enough for current driving conditions.

The Sidekick really shines when you’ve got a big job to do. Its heavy-duty steel cargo box can carry up to 15.2 cubic feet or half a ton (1,000 lbs.) of tools, firewood, gear and supplies. Plus, with a seriously smooth suspension and extra ground clearance, the Sidekick won’t bottom out. So go ahead, load it up!

Are you interested in a Kubota RTV-XG850? Check out our inventory or let us know what you’re interested in and we will follow up!

Equipment Lead Contact Form

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Kubota RTV-X1100

Kubota RTV-X1100 utility vehicle. Experience the luxurious driving comfort in the first utility vehicle in the industry to offer a factory-installed, climate-controlled cab – plus, the power of a 24.8 HP Kubota D1105 3-cylinder diesel engine, exclusive Variable Hydro Transmission (VHT-X) and standard 4WD. It’s a whole new level of comfort, power and performance. And it’s got you covered for years to come. Available in Orange or Realtree AP Camo. Whether it’s hot and humid, cold and windy, or raining cats and dogs, you’ll stay dry and comfortable inside the RTV-X1100C’s quiet and luxurious air-conditioned and heated cab. Built around a unibody frame that is virtually airtight, soundproof and rattle-free, the cab incorporates defogging functions, as well as antennas and speakers for an optional radio. When the weather is nice, just roll down the fully opening windows. This truly is the best all-weather, all-comfort, all-the-time driving environment you’ll ever experience around your property or worksite.With 1,300 lbs. towing capacity, hydraulic dumping cargo box and up to 15.2 cubic feet of cargo – heavy-duty steel cargo box can carry up to a half-ton (1,102 lbs.) of tools, firewood, gear, supplies you can get the job done faster. Regardless of the jobsite terrain or payload, independent suspension on all four wheels ensures a truly exceptional ride and traction. Kubota’s Extra Duty IRS (Independent Rear Suspension) technology also sets a new standard for durability. Power when and where you need it. Even after the sun sets, you can rely on the RTV-X1100 powerful 24.8 HP diesel engines to keep you moving forward. Kubota-built and worksite-proven, these 3-cylinder liquid-cooled diesel engines have a well-earned reputation for dependable performance even in the harshest worksite terrains.

Are you interested in a Bobcat? Check out our inventory or let us know what you’re interested in and we will follow up!

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