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New Holland T6 Dynamic Command™ Tractor Lineup

New Holland, Pa. (August 29, 2017) – New Holland Agriculture is expanding its acclaimed T6 tractor series with the new T6 Dynamic Command™. The new T6.145, T6.155, T6.165, and T6.175 Dynamic Command models are the only tractors in this segment featuring the new 8 step semi-powershift dual clutch transmission on the market, providing operators with a new option to further improve their productivity. The new transmission reduces the number and improves the quality of gear shifts during operation, making these tractors a valuable asset to the fleets of dairy and livestock producers, hay and forage operations, and row crop farmers.

“The T6 Dynamic Command was developed directly as a result of key customer input,” said Daniel Valen, Director of Product Marketing for New Holland North America. “While many customers liked the Electro Command™ transmission, they were looking for more gears in each working range, a more efficient shuttle, and of course, an affordable price. We were able to deliver on these requests with the T6 Dynamic Command.”

With these new models, New Holland provides its customers with even more choices. Customers who are looking for an entry-level tractor for use in the yard and light field applications can opt for the T6 16×16 Electro Command™ with 4 step semi-powershift; those requiring a multipurpose tractor for tillage, haying applications, and loader work can choose the new T6 24×24 Dynamic Command; and customers who are looking for luxury performance when exact speeds are critical can find the perfect solution in the award-winning T6 Auto Command™ with continuously variable transmission.

The all new 24×24 Dynamic Command transmission allows the tractor to use less power during operation when compared to the Electro Command transmission, meaning the customer sees higher work rates with less fuel usage. At the heart of the 3 range, 8 step semi-powershift transmission is a dual clutch concept, similar to that which operates the seamless range shifting in the New Holland Auto Command transmission.

The new features of the T6 Dynamic Command make a full day’s work easy by increasing productivity and decreasing fatigue, meaning operators can get more done in less time while staying more comfortable.

Dynamic StartStop: the new brake to clutch feature improves the ease of operation when the tractor is stopping frequently, typically front end loader operation. Simply press the brake pedal and the tractor will slow and come to a stop, there’s no need to engage neutral or depress the clutch pedal. Release the brake and the drive is reengaged, for simple and efficiency-boosting automation.
• Smart Range Shift: will always put you in the correct gear when making a range shift, any overlap gears from one range to the next are skipped giving sequential ratios and rapid
Auto Shift: making the operator experience even simpler, this entry level of automation feature allows the tractor to shift gears on its own based on an adjustable engine speed threshold. Depending on the task, the operator chooses how much the engine speed can reduce before a gear change is made.
Ground Speed Management: this advanced automation feature allows an operator to select and maintain the target ground speed. Ground speed management reduces fatigue and fuel consumption by automatically shifting and throttling up or back as needed, based on load. 
Adjustable Shuttle Aggression: some tasks require the smoothest forward-reverse shuttling while sometimes the priority is faster direction change. The T6 Dynamic Command tractor lets you select between three aggression levels for the best performance possible.
Dynamic IntelliShift™ System: as the brains behind each gear shift, the Dynamic IntelliShift system analyzes engine speed, transmission shaft speeds, ground speed, load and even oil temperature to ensure each shift is as smooth and seamless as possible.
Kick Down: For the most rapid acceleration, just press the throttle fully and your T6 tractor automatically downshifts to provide you with peak power for more productivity through the day.
Transport Power Management™: when travelling more than 14 MPH, the TPM system switches the T6 Dynamic Command engine to a power curve with a different profile that concentrates more power at higher engine revolutions for more consistent tractor acceleration rates.

Two versions of the SideWinder™ II armrest, New Holland’s multi-award-winning console, are available to controlling the T6 Dynamic Command. Choose from either electronic hydraulic remote valves or mechanical valves. For the mechanical option, the integrated control panel has been repositioned to the front of the armrest to provide unobstructed access to the mechanical remote levers on the right hand side.

The CommandGrip™ multifunction handle is taken from the Auto Command CVT tractors. Pushing the force-based version of the CommandGrip forward will shift up gears, and pull backward to down gears. Engage reverse and the logic cleverly reverses, pulling backward upshifts, a common logic to the established speed control on the Auto Command. While operating in Ground Speed Management mode, pushing forward will accelerate the tractor towards the requested target speed, pulling backward decelerates the tractor.

To create the perfect front end loader tractor the T6 can now be specified with CustomSteer™, a new variable ratio steering feature that delivers the full maneuverability of the T6 with reduced turns of the steering wheel. Repetitive maneuvering while loading is made easy, just one rotation of the steering wheel can turn the steering fully from left to right while still maintaining precise control. Add in the brake to clutch feature, a high flow hydraulic pump, an advanced loader joystick with transmission controls, the high visibility roof and you can see why the T6 Dynamic Command is perfect loading tractor.

The T6 Dynamic Command can be offered with ISOBUS Class 3 capability.
Hitched to a New Holland round baler with IntelliBale™, the baler can stop the tractor when a bale is formed, eject the bale and close the tailgate. The driver simply presses the shuttle button to resume baling.

New Holland’s philosophy is that advanced features should deliver benefits and not bring complication for the operator. Ease of use is a fundamental design criteria and the T6 Dynamic Command is no exception to this rule.


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New Holland Wins 5 ASABE AE50 Awards for 2018

New Holland, Pa. (November 13, 2017) – The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) has named five of New Holland Agriculture’s most recent technological advancements as recipients of 2018 AE50 awards. The AE50 awards honor the year’s most innovative designs in engineering products or systems for the food and agriculture industries. The Dynamic Command™ transmission for T6 series tractors, the CustomSteer™ feature for select T6 and T7 tractors, the IntelliTurn™ end of row turning automation feature, the Optispread Plus™ residue management system for CR combines, and the Guardian™ SP310F high clearance self-propelled front boom sprayer are this year’s winners.

“The New Holland brand strives to provide practical innovations to help our customers operate at the highest levels of productivity and efficiency, and these five AE50 award-winning products truly embody that concept,” said Bret Lieberman, Vice President for New Holland North America. “I am proud of the New Holland Agriculture team here in the United States and around the world for their ability to continue to deliver products and technologies that are honored with the AE50 distinction from ASABE, and we look forward to continue to perform at this level in the future.”

  • The Dynamic Command™ is a 24 x 24 semi-powershift dual clutch transmission available for T6 series 4-cylinder tractors – an industry-exclusive for tractors in the 95 to 120 PTO horsepower range. By providing 8 gears in 3 ranges, the speed overlap between the ranges has been designed to allow operators to select the most suitable for their application and remain within that range until the task in completed, with no disruption in power to the ground. There is also a dedicated clutch for forward and reverse, ensuring a controlled power shuttle, even on steep hills.Both the speed overlap and the dedicated forward/reverse shuttle clutch features create more comfortable working environment for the operator while using less fuel. The combination of all of these features allows the operator to work comfortably with the minimum amount of input and provide best in class performance and productivity.

Click Here to Learn More about the T6 Dynamic Command Tractor Lineup and Features

  • CustomSteer™, a new optional feature for T6 and T7 series tractors that reduces the numbers of turns of the steering wheel required by the operator. CustomSteer makes maneuvering the tractor while loading easier and less repetitive, just one rotation of the steering wheel can turn the steering fully from left to right while still maintaining precise control.

  • IntelliTurn™ end-of-row turning automation raises the bar for in-field efficiency by executing end-of-row turns on behalf of the operator in even the most challenging field shapes. Since its introduction, IntelliTurn has been recognized for its industry-leading adaptability, working in all field types at varying speeds to improve productivity and reduce operator fatigue. IntelliTurn is a technology born from the NHDRIVE concept autonomous tractor, and has been proven to be a highly valuable feature for customers today. It is currently available on T6, T7, T8, and T9 tractors, with plans to roll out to additional products in the future. Call Eli Fred with Ag Technologies at 574-224-8324 for more information!

  • Optispread Plus™ residue management system for New Holland CR combines provides an improved residue spreading solution to combine operators, delivering excellent chopping performance and even spreading of the residue over the width of current and future combine headers. The patented system provides four main benefits to New Holland customers. First, it finely chops residue, allowing it to decompose and fertilize fields more quickly than previous and competitive systems. Second, it provides an even distribution of residue, reducing potential yield loss. Third, it spreads the residue across the entire width of the combine head. And finally, all these features are made possible via in-cab adjustments, allowing the operator to easily select spreading width, spreading pattern, and wind compensation without having to leave his seat. Here is a video demonstrating this system:

  • The Guardian SP310F high clearance self-propelled front boom sprayer is the first model that was engineered and built as a result of New Holland’s acquisition of the Miller-St. Nazianz company. Boasting an industry-leading crop clearance of up to 78 inches, the Guardian SP310F was designed to give operators the flexibility to spray effectively in all crops and during all stages of crop growth – from short beans to late-season corn. To further enhance productivity, the suspension can be adjusted in the cab from 72 to 78 inches, depending on the needs of the operator. It also features a completely redesigned suspension, an FPT engine, a newly designed cab, and even weight distribution to reduce soil compaction and maintain traction.

Companies from around the world submit entries to ASABE’s annual AE50 competition and up to 50 of the best products are chosen by a panel of international engineering experts. The judges select innovative products that will best advance engineering for the food and agriculture industries.

Each of the five New Holland winners will be featured in the January/February 2018 special issue of ASABE’s magazine Resource: Engineering & Technology for a Sustainable World, a magazine geared to agricultural, biological and food system engineers worldwide, produced by ASABE. Read more at

ASABE is an international scientific and educational organization dedicated to the advancement of engineering applicable to agricultural, food, and biological systems. Further information on the Society can be obtained by visiting

For more details visit


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Beam Dairy Purchases Sgariboldi Grizzly 8125

Beam Dairy, located in Cherryville, North Carolina, purchased a new Sgariboldi Grizzly 8125 self-propelled feed mixer that got delivered this month. The mixer performs all the tasks of their daily feeding process, replacing their tractor, loader and trail mixer while making the process quicker and cheaper (saving on labor and fuel costs) and improving feed quality. Here is a video taken of the mixer at the dairy:

Our New Holland Richmond location (in Richmond, Indiana) is the North American distributor for Sgariboldi products. For more information, contact Joel Davis at 765-962-7724.

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New Holland Richmond Grand Opening Event 10-12-17

Join us for our New Holland Richmond GRAND OPENING on Thursday, Oct. 12th. A ribbon cutting ceremony will be held at 3:30pm with the Wayne County Chamber of Commerce, who recognized the new business at the 2017 Community Improvement Awards event. A meal sponsored by Ag Direct will be served after the ribbon cutting from 4-7pm, followed by a solar educational event at 7pm by the company President, Jim Straeter.

We would like to welcome the public to the grand opening event to learn about more about the business and how we will serve the community. For anyone interested in solar and the positive impact it can have on your home or business, please stay after the meal to learn the latest happenings in the solar industry and what sets our SolarCam solar systems apart from the competition.

New Holland Richmond is located at 3100 Industries Rd., Richmond, Indiana 47374. Call us at 765-962-7724 for any questions or information ahead of time!

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Solar Energy Education Event 10/12/17 – Richmond, Indiana

Interested in going solar? Learn why solar energy is suddenly all the craze as part of our Grand Opening Event for New Holland Richmond this Thursday 10/12/17 at 7pm.

Who: Homeowners / businesses / farmers / anyone looking to downsize their electric bill!

What: Event to learn about solar systems, why they have grown in popularity, what sets our system apart from the competition, and whether or not solar makes sense for you!

When: Thursday, Oct. 12th, 2017 at 7pm

Where: New Holland Richmond, 3100 Industries Rd., Richmond, Indiana 47374

Why: With the current cost of solar and current utility rates, now is the best time for many there has ever been to save on their electricity costs with a solar system. Learn why 100+ individuals and businesses have chosen to buy one of our patented SolarCam solar systems.

This meeting is being held in conjunction with New Holland Richmond’s Grand Opening Event. Please join us for a meal prior to the solar meeting from 4-7pm! Call us ahead of time at 765-962-7724 for more information!

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The All New Kuhn Krause Interceptor 8050 High Speed Tillage Machine

The Kuhn Krause Interceptor 8050 delivers high-speed tillage to control stubborn, chemical resistant weed growth, while sizing and evenly distributing tough residue into the worked soil profile. This action not only kills weeds and limits potential movement of wind-driven residue, but also contributes to residue breakdown throughout the year and builds soil organic matter.

  • Working Width: 20′ / 25′ / 30′
  • Recommended Operation Speed: 8-10mph
  • Tractor Requirement: 13-15 PTO hp per foot
  • Max Working Depth: 5″

No daily maintenance on bearings required!

Available units for fall are limited, so call us today for more info!

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Sgariboldi Self-Propelled Mixer – A Must See at The World Dairy Expo

Dairies that want to survive must be more competitive. Sgariboldi self-propelled feed mixers will allow you to have that competitive edge as they reduce shrink, improve feed accuracy, and operate with less fuel, labor and maintenance. This is done by:

  • Eliminating a tractor, trail mixer, tube grinder (and the tractor that runs it), and a loader!
  • Feed accuracy is usually improved by more than 4%, resulting in more milk on less feed!
  • Fuel usage can be cut by more than half!

See the quality, range and technology that Sgariboldi offers in self-propelled feed mixers at the World Dairy Expo Oct. 3-7, 2017 at the Allegiant Energy Center in Madison, WI.

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Call Joel Davis at New Holland Richmond (765-962-7724) for more information on improving your bottom line! Owner data available upon request!


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New Holland Rochester Receives Woods Top 100 Dealer Honors

Top Dealer Award Press Statement – New Holland Rochester was recently recognized as one of Woods Equipment Company’s Top 100 dealers in the United States. This nationwide award honors dealerships for the volume of equipment they sell, as well as their commitment to representing Woods in their local market. Woods created the “Top 100” award as a way of recognizing its American dealer network as an integral component of the company’s success. According to President, Jerry Johnson, “Our top performing dealers rely on us as partners. We work together to take care of their customers and keep them coming back for more.” For more information about Woods or its products, call customer service at 815-319-6637 or visit

With a reputation for innovative, high-quality implements and attachments, Woods brand products are sold throughout North America — as well as in Europe, Latin America, and Australia — through a dealer network of agricultural, landscape, and construction professionals. Woods products are manufactured to American Welding Society standards; tested in rigorous, real-life conditions; and comply with recommended industry safety standards. Woods, a brand of Blount International’s Farm, Ranch and Agriculture Division, is headquartered in Oregon, Illinois. Visit for more information.

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New Holland Claims World Record for Harvesting Soybeans in 8 Hours

New Holland, Pa. (April 26, 2017) – New Holland Agriculture has set a new World Record by harvesting an impressive 16,157 bushels of soybeans in eight hours with the CR8.90 combine. The record-breaking performance, which took place in the Bahia State of Brazil, was certified by independent adjudicator RankBrasil.“Setting the world record for harvesting 16,157 bushels of soybeans is an achievement we’re very proud of and it demonstrates the power and productivity of the CR8.90”, stated Dan Valen, Director of Product Marketing North America. “Similar to the CR10.90 smashing the World Record for wheat harvesting in 2014, the CR8.90 delivered an exceptional performance in setting this record. Both of these accomplishments reinforce the New Holland CR Series and Twin Rotor™ technology as best-in-class, worldwide.”

Record-Breaking Performance

The record was set on April 5, 2017 at the Villa Panambi farm, belonging to the Mingori Brothers, in the Bahia State of Brazil, with the support of their dealer Jaraguá Bahia, based in nearby Luiz Eduardo Magalhães City. On record setting day, moisture was high due to ¾ inch rain at 5:00 am, and temperature ranged from 77 to 82.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Harvesting started at 10:30 am and finished at 5:30 pm, having harvested approximately 222 acres (90 hectares). CR8.90’s average throughput was 2,020 bushels/hour in a crop yielding an average of 72.6 bushels/acre, and 17% average moisture content. The record-setting performance and efficiency was achieved by harvesting 73.5 bu of soybean per gallon of fuel and entirely overseen and verified by an official adjudicator from independent organization RankBrasil, which certified the record.

CR Series – a record-breaking combine range

The CR8.90 follows on the footsteps of the range topping CR10.90, which proved it is the world’s highest capacity combine when it captured the World Record for harvesting an impressive 29,321 bushels of wheat in eight hours in 2014 – a title it holds to this day.

CR combines are able to achieve such outstanding performances thanks to New Holland’s innovative Twin Rotor™ technology which offers best-in-class productivity , efficiency and grain quality; IntelliSteer® auto guidance, which enables operators to harvest around the clock; Twin Pitch Plus rotor technology that can improve capacity in high moisture conditions by up to 10% and the optional Dynamic Feed Roll™ with integrated dynamic stone protection, which improves the CR’s already impressive capacity by up to 10% as well as enhancing crop flow into the rotors and reducing grain crackage.

Watch the record-breaking accomplishment here:

Key record statistics

Total time harvested: 8 hours
Amount of soybean harvested: 16,157 bushels
Average bushels per hour: 2,020 bushels/hour
Area harvested: 222 acres (90 hectares)
Fuel efficiency – bushel soybean/gal: 73.5 bushels/gallon
Average moisture: 17%
Average yield: 72.6 bushel/acre

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Join us Tonight for our Construction Comparison Meeting!

Run construction equipment? Come out and join us tonight for our Construction Comparison meeting at New Holland Rochester at 6:30pm to learn about the differences among the different models. Competitive models from Bobcat, Deere, Gehl, and Kubota will be on hand along with several units from our New Holland construction line. Give us a call at 574-223-2714 for any questions ahead of time!