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New Holland RF450 SuperFeed Demo

On Memorial Day, 5/28/18, we did a demo of the New Holland RF450 SuperFeed round baler in Culver, Indiana. Pulled with a New Holland T4.120 tractor, the round baler handled the double windrow great at a speed of 4.6mph. See the video below for yourself:

View the literature below for more information on the RF series balers, or contact us to see one for yourself!

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Solar Panel System Educational Video by SolarCAM Inventor Jim Straeter

This is a solar panel system presentation covering current topics on solar energy, solar systems, storage solutions, and what changes are happening in the solar industry today. Presented by Jim Straeter, President of Ag Technologies Inc. and inventor of the SolarCAM ground-mount solar system.

Video Table of Contents:

  1. About Ag Technologies Inc and Current State of the Solar Business (0min 10sec)
  2. How Does Solar Work? (3min 58sec)
  3. What Makes SolarCAM Systems Unique and Better? (6min 37sec)
  4. Importance of the Sun’s Path (7min 53sec)
  5. Adjusting a SolarCAM Solar System (13min 20sec)
  6. SolarWorld Panels (16min 25sec)
  7. What’s in a SolarWorld Panel (18min 10sec)
  8. Importance of Warranty Policies (22min 14sec)
  9. Enphase Micro-Inverters vs. String Inverters (24min 34sec)
  10. Rapid Shutdown Policy and Smart Inverters (28min 44sec)
  11. System Monitoring with Enphase (31min 5sec)
  12. Current State of Battery Storage Options (33min 34sec)
  13. Next Gen Energy Storage Solution – Hydrogen (40min 20sec)
  14. Hydrogen Powered Tractors Coming (47min 54sec)
  15. SolarCAM System vs. the Competition (48min 47sec)
  16. Cash Flow Worksheet (56min 24sec)
  17. Our Certifications (57min 46sec)
  18. SolarCAM Stand Design Upgrades (58min 10sec)
  19. Conclusion (1hr 1min 55sec)

For more information regarding solar systems, contact Ag Technologies at 574-224-8324.

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Join Us for our Precision Farming Meeting 2/20/18

New Holland Precision Land Management (PLM) representative Britney Salmon will be on hand to discuss several of the latest topics on precision farming, including:

This meeting will be a great opportunity to learn about the latest in farming technology, how you can save time and money on these products while increasing your bottom line, and ask any questions to the experts in precision farming!

  • Who: Anyone interested in precision farming as none of the discussion topics are brand-specific
  • When: Tuesday, Feb. 20th, 2018, 9-11am
  • Where: Ag Technologies Inc., 1268 E 100 S Rochester, IN 46975

This meeting is open to the public and is in conjunction with our Open House event. Please RSVP to Ag Technologies at 574-224-8324 to help us accommodate for attendance.


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Open House 2018 Fluids Pricing

As part of our Open House, we have specially-priced all of our fluids. Here is a list of our most popular fluids and pricing:

Our customers have been telling us for years that we offer the best bulk Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) pricing around. Even our 2.5gal containers, which are popular for diesel truck owners, are priced better than the big box stores trying to sell it such as Walmart! We expect to continue that trend with our 2018 DEF pricing:

DEF is very corrosive, so proper storage is important. We offer a variety of sold DEF containers. Speak with our parts department today for more details on our fluids pricing and all of the savings we are offering during our Open House!

Click here for our Open House 2018 schedule


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Join Us at an Upcoming Solar System Educational Meeting

Join us at any of our upcoming solar meetings and learn why solar is one of the hottest trends for farmers and businesses. This will be an educational meeting for people interested in installing a solar system to learn about solar energy, why it’s been so popular the last couple of years, and what sets our system apart from others. Feel free to bring a recent electric bill with you to help determine if you are in a good position to take advantage of reducing or eliminating your electric cost. If solar makes sense for you, now is the best time to take advantage of the 30% federal tax credit!

2/19/18 – 6pm – Ag Technologies Inc. – 1268 E 100 S – Rochester, Indiana 46975

2/23/18 – 2pm – New Holland Tri-County, Inc. – 2675 S St. Rd. 1 – Bluffton, Indiana 46714

3/2/18 – 2pm – New Holland Richmond, Inc. – 3100 Industries Rd. – Richmond, Indiana 47374

Call us at 574-224-8324 to RSVP so we can accommodate for the expected number of attendees.

Ag Technologies Inc is proud to be an Authorized SolarWorld Installer.

As America’s solar leader for more than 35 years, SolarWorld maximizes any solar investment with proven, American-made quality, reliability and durability. SolarWorld panels are widely recognized as the industry standard in quality — the result of the company’s commitment to research and development, quality materials and manufacturing excellence.

Ag Technologies Inc. is an Enphase Premium Installer – ranked in the top tier for Enphase expertise and excellent service with 50+ Enphase installations in the past year.


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2018 Open House Schedule

It is that time of the year again for our Open House events – which means great products on display, huge parts discounts to take advantage of, and a hot meal with friendly farmers. Open House has always been customer appreciation day. Along with providing a free meal and giving away door prizes, we will be offering the best parts discounts of the season, with savings up to 15% off! See other special priced parts and discounts in the rest of this mailer or get in touch with our parts department for full details!

Product representatives will be on hand for the majority of the lines that we carry with their latest equipment offerings on display. Come to any Open House event to learn about the newest technologies in the farming industry!

Upcoming Schedule of Events

Date and Time Event Location
2/19/18 - 6pm Ag Technologies Solar Meeting New Holland Rochester, 1260 E 100 S Rochester, IN 46975
2/20/18 - 9am - 11am Ag Technologies Precision Farming Meeting Ag Technologies, 1268 E 100 S Rochester, IN 46975
2/20/18 - 9:30am - 3pm Rochester / Ag Technologies Open House (Lunch 11-1) New Holland Rochester, 1260 E 100 S Rochester, IN 46975
2/23/18 - 9:30am - 3pm Rodkey New Holland Open House (Lunch 11-1) Rodkey New Holland, 3340 W St Rd 26, Rossville, IN 46065
2/23/18 - 9am - 11am New Holland Tri-County Applicator License Meeting New Holland Tri-County, 2675 S St Rd 1 Bluffton, IN 46714
2/23/18 - 11am - 3pm New Holland Tri-County Open House (Lunch 12-2) New Holland Tri-County, 2675 S St Rd 1 Bluffton, IN 46714
2/23/18 - 2pm New Holland Tri-County Solar Meeting New Holland Tri-County, 2675 S St Rd 1 Bluffton, IN 46714
2/28/18 - 9:30am - 3pm New Holland Greentown Open House (Lunch 11-1) New Holland Greentown, 532 E Uncle Tom Greentown, IN 46936
3/2/18 - 9:30am - 3pm New Holland Richmond Open House (Lunch 11-1) New Holland Richmond, 3100 Industries Rd, Richmond, IN 47374
3/2/18 - 10am - noon New Holland Richmond Hay Clinic New Holland Richmond, 3100 Industries Rd, Richmond, IN 47374
3/2/18 - 2pm New Holland Richmond Solar Meeting New Holland Richmond, 3100 Industries Rd, Richmond, IN 47374
3/6/18 - 9:30am - 3pm New Holland Logansport Open House (Lunch 11:30-1:30) New Holland Logansport, 2079 S US 35 Logansport, IN 46947
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New Holland Dealer Meeting 2018 Award

During the end of January 2018, New Holland held a New Holland National Meeting in Orlando, Florida. New Holland Rochester was recognized during the meeting along with 5 other North American New Holland dealers as exemplary dealers for the brand.

A few of the most notable bullet points listed as to why New Holland Rochester has been a standout New Holland dealer included:

  • Becoming a New Holland self-propelled sprayer dealer when a partnership was formed with Miller sprayers in 2014, who New Holland eventually purchased
  • Becoming a Kongskilde tillage dealer in 2017 shortly after the Kongskilde tillage and hay line was purchased by New Holland.
  • Investing in 5 RTK+ base stations throughout Indiana in 2016 for cellular guidance, contributing to New Holland’s efforts of covering the U.S. with a cellular signal to provide sub-inch accuracy for autoguidance.
  • Investing in a new location. In 2017, New Holland Centerville was renamed New Holland Richmond thanks to relocating the dealership in Centerville to the new building in Richmond. New Holland Richmond is located along Interstate 70 at 3100 Industries Rd. Richmond, IN 47374.

New Holland had 95% of its North American dealers in attendance for the meeting, titled “Shift to the Future” as New Holland recently announced their industry-exclusive Dynamic Command 24×24 transmission, winner of an ASABE 2018 award. This feature also led to the award winning New Holland T6.175 Dynamic Command™ tractor being crowned “Machine of the Year” 2018 in the Mid Class Tractor category at the Agritechnica trade show in Hanover, Germany.

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New Holland T6 Dynamic Command™ Tractor Lineup

New Holland, Pa. (August 29, 2017) – New Holland Agriculture is expanding its acclaimed T6 tractor series with the new T6 Dynamic Command™. The new T6.145, T6.155, T6.165, and T6.175 Dynamic Command models are the only tractors in this segment featuring the new 8 step semi-powershift dual clutch transmission on the market, providing operators with a new option to further improve their productivity. The new transmission reduces the number and improves the quality of gear shifts during operation, making these tractors a valuable asset to the fleets of dairy and livestock producers, hay and forage operations, and row crop farmers.

“The T6 Dynamic Command was developed directly as a result of key customer input,” said Daniel Valen, Director of Product Marketing for New Holland North America. “While many customers liked the Electro Command™ transmission, they were looking for more gears in each working range, a more efficient shuttle, and of course, an affordable price. We were able to deliver on these requests with the T6 Dynamic Command.”

With these new models, New Holland provides its customers with even more choices. Customers who are looking for an entry-level tractor for use in the yard and light field applications can opt for the T6 16×16 Electro Command™ with 4 step semi-powershift; those requiring a multipurpose tractor for tillage, haying applications, and loader work can choose the new T6 24×24 Dynamic Command; and customers who are looking for luxury performance when exact speeds are critical can find the perfect solution in the award-winning T6 Auto Command™ with continuously variable transmission.

The all new 24×24 Dynamic Command transmission allows the tractor to use less power during operation when compared to the Electro Command transmission, meaning the customer sees higher work rates with less fuel usage. At the heart of the 3 range, 8 step semi-powershift transmission is a dual clutch concept, similar to that which operates the seamless range shifting in the New Holland Auto Command transmission.

The new features of the T6 Dynamic Command make a full day’s work easy by increasing productivity and decreasing fatigue, meaning operators can get more done in less time while staying more comfortable.

Dynamic StartStop: the new brake to clutch feature improves the ease of operation when the tractor is stopping frequently, typically front end loader operation. Simply press the brake pedal and the tractor will slow and come to a stop, there’s no need to engage neutral or depress the clutch pedal. Release the brake and the drive is reengaged, for simple and efficiency-boosting automation.
• Smart Range Shift: will always put you in the correct gear when making a range shift, any overlap gears from one range to the next are skipped giving sequential ratios and rapid
Auto Shift: making the operator experience even simpler, this entry level of automation feature allows the tractor to shift gears on its own based on an adjustable engine speed threshold. Depending on the task, the operator chooses how much the engine speed can reduce before a gear change is made.
Ground Speed Management: this advanced automation feature allows an operator to select and maintain the target ground speed. Ground speed management reduces fatigue and fuel consumption by automatically shifting and throttling up or back as needed, based on load. 
Adjustable Shuttle Aggression: some tasks require the smoothest forward-reverse shuttling while sometimes the priority is faster direction change. The T6 Dynamic Command tractor lets you select between three aggression levels for the best performance possible.
Dynamic IntelliShift™ System: as the brains behind each gear shift, the Dynamic IntelliShift system analyzes engine speed, transmission shaft speeds, ground speed, load and even oil temperature to ensure each shift is as smooth and seamless as possible.
Kick Down: For the most rapid acceleration, just press the throttle fully and your T6 tractor automatically downshifts to provide you with peak power for more productivity through the day.
Transport Power Management™: when travelling more than 14 MPH, the TPM system switches the T6 Dynamic Command engine to a power curve with a different profile that concentrates more power at higher engine revolutions for more consistent tractor acceleration rates.

Two versions of the SideWinder™ II armrest, New Holland’s multi-award-winning console, are available to controlling the T6 Dynamic Command. Choose from either electronic hydraulic remote valves or mechanical valves. For the mechanical option, the integrated control panel has been repositioned to the front of the armrest to provide unobstructed access to the mechanical remote levers on the right hand side.

The CommandGrip™ multifunction handle is taken from the Auto Command CVT tractors. Pushing the force-based version of the CommandGrip forward will shift up gears, and pull backward to down gears. Engage reverse and the logic cleverly reverses, pulling backward upshifts, a common logic to the established speed control on the Auto Command. While operating in Ground Speed Management mode, pushing forward will accelerate the tractor towards the requested target speed, pulling backward decelerates the tractor.

To create the perfect front end loader tractor the T6 can now be specified with CustomSteer™, a new variable ratio steering feature that delivers the full maneuverability of the T6 with reduced turns of the steering wheel. Repetitive maneuvering while loading is made easy, just one rotation of the steering wheel can turn the steering fully from left to right while still maintaining precise control. Add in the brake to clutch feature, a high flow hydraulic pump, an advanced loader joystick with transmission controls, the high visibility roof and you can see why the T6 Dynamic Command is perfect loading tractor.

The T6 Dynamic Command can be offered with ISOBUS Class 3 capability.
Hitched to a New Holland round baler with IntelliBale™, the baler can stop the tractor when a bale is formed, eject the bale and close the tailgate. The driver simply presses the shuttle button to resume baling.

New Holland’s philosophy is that advanced features should deliver benefits and not bring complication for the operator. Ease of use is a fundamental design criteria and the T6 Dynamic Command is no exception to this rule.