COVID-19 Information

Dear Customers,

As the COVID-19 Coronavirus continues to affect our communities, we are being proactive to help ease your minds while meeting your needs. But first, a few friendly reminders –

• We plan to continue meeting your needs to the best of our abilities at this time. We will be here for you to help you continue your daily operations unless otherwise mandated by state or local laws. At this time, the state of Indiana has deemed Agriculture as an essential business.

• Stay Positive! If we work together (but at a socially safe distance) and stay positive, we will have a bright and exciting spring ahead of us!

• We’re happy to provide social distancing & fresh air! We are delighted to serve you wherever makes you comfortable. To that end, we are utilizing:
o Curbside service upon request
o Email
o Text Messages
o Telephone
o Online chat on our website
o In person in our safe and clean space

In addition to positivity, here are the solutions we’re offering to better serve you at this time:

Need Parts?
• We now offer Curbside Pick-up! Please call ahead of time to place your order and pay with a credit card over the phone. You can still enter the building for parts, we just ask that you practice social distancing while in-store.

• Need a Parts-Diagram? Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to email it to you for reference. You can also view many parts diagrams online from our website and chat with us while on the site!

Need Service?
• Picking up or dropping off your equipment? We’re happy to take credit card payments over the phone to reduce social interaction. Please call ahead of time before you plan to arrive so we can accept payment and have your equipment ready for pick-up.

Want to Chat with Sales (at a safe distance)?
• We’re happy to accommodate your needs! Let’s take the sales outside for fresh air and open space, or we can chat with you over the phone, email, or even text!

• Still want to test drive that tractor? You’re more than welcome to, with our sales team a safe distance away and in a welcoming and open-air environment. And we’ll make sure to sanitize the unit before and after your test-drive.

Company Measures to Ensure Everyone’s Safety:
• We are regularly cleaning and sanitizing all high traffic areas.
• We are encouraging employees to stay home for any sign of sickness — yes, even the slightest sniffle.

Contact Us With Your Orders, Needs, and Requests Today!

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