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Solar Energy Education Event 10/12/17 – Richmond, Indiana

Interested in going solar? Learn why solar energy is suddenly all the craze as part of our Grand Opening Event for New Holland Richmond this Thursday 10/12/17 at 7pm.

Who: Homeowners / businesses / farmers / anyone looking to downsize their electric bill!

What: Event to learn about solar systems, why they have grown in popularity, what sets our system apart from the competition, and whether or not solar makes sense for you!

When: Thursday, Oct. 12th, 2017 at 7pm

Where: New Holland Richmond, 3100 Industries Rd., Richmond, Indiana 47374

Why: With the current cost of solar and current utility rates, now is the best time for many there has ever been to save on their electricity costs with a solar system. Learn why 100+ individuals and businesses have chosen to buy one of our patented SolarCam solar systems.

This meeting is being held in conjunction with New Holland Richmond’s Grand Opening Event. Please join us for a meal prior to the solar meeting from 4-7pm! Call us ahead of time at 765-962-7724 for more information!

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