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Beam Dairy Purchases Sgariboldi Grizzly 8125

Beam Dairy, located in Cherryville, North Carolina, purchased a new Sgariboldi Grizzly 8125 self-propelled feed mixer that got delivered this month. The mixer performs all the tasks of their daily feeding process, replacing their tractor, loader and trail mixer while making the process quicker and cheaper (saving on labor and fuel costs) and improving feed quality. Here is a video taken of the mixer at the dairy:

Our New Holland Richmond location (in Richmond, Indiana) is the North American distributor for Sgariboldi products. For more information, contact Joel Davis at 765-962-7724.

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Sgariboldi Gulliver 8021 at Union Go Dairy makes feed like no Other

Progressive Dairyman wrote an article on the Sgariboldi self-propelled feed mixer in May 2016 noting the simplicity, accuracy, and savings the Grizzly 8125/2 mixer has brought to Union Go Dairy over the past year (view the article here).

Fresh off the heels of the World Dairy Expo, Sgariboldi and New Holland Centerville decided to do a demo of the new Gulliver 8021 mixer for those who could make it. This video below was taken on October 11th, 2016 at Union Go Dairy.

For more information on the Sgariboldi products, call Joel Davis at 765-962-7724 or visit New Holland Centerville!

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