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Solar Panel System Educational Video by SolarCAM Inventor Jim Straeter

This is a solar panel system presentation covering current topics on solar energy, solar systems, storage solutions, and what changes are happening in the solar industry today. Presented by Jim Straeter, President of Ag Technologies Inc. and inventor of the SolarCAM ground-mount solar system.

Video Table of Contents:

  1. About Ag Technologies Inc and Current State of the Solar Business (0min 10sec)
  2. How Does Solar Work? (3min 58sec)
  3. What Makes SolarCAM Systems Unique and Better? (6min 37sec)
  4. Importance of the Sun’s Path (7min 53sec)
  5. Adjusting a SolarCAM Solar System (13min 20sec)
  6. SolarWorld Panels (16min 25sec)
  7. What’s in a SolarWorld Panel (18min 10sec)
  8. Importance of Warranty Policies (22min 14sec)
  9. Enphase Micro-Inverters vs. String Inverters (24min 34sec)
  10. Rapid Shutdown Policy and Smart Inverters (28min 44sec)
  11. System Monitoring with Enphase (31min 5sec)
  12. Current State of Battery Storage Options (33min 34sec)
  13. Next Gen Energy Storage Solution – Hydrogen (40min 20sec)
  14. Hydrogen Powered Tractors Coming (47min 54sec)
  15. SolarCAM System vs. the Competition (48min 47sec)
  16. Cash Flow Worksheet (56min 24sec)
  17. Our Certifications (57min 46sec)
  18. SolarCAM Stand Design Upgrades (58min 10sec)
  19. Conclusion (1hr 1min 55sec)

For more information regarding solar systems, contact Ag Technologies at 574-224-8324.

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New Holland Rochester – Proud Optimist Supporter

New Holland Rochester has been a proud supporter of the local Optimist Club by supporting their local community projects such as the pumpkin project.

The Rochester Optimist Club grows pumpkins to sell in order to raise money to support the club’s mission, “Friendship of Youth.” Jim, Jesse, and Matt Straeter, owners of the New Holland Rochester business and Optimist Club members themselves, dedicate their time and resources to help make sure the pumpkin harvest is successful. This year, the club had sales in excess of $30,000 (another record year!)

The Straeter’s are thankful for having such a great group of members in the Rochester Optimist Club, access to a field to harvest the pumpkins (generously donated by Dick Belcher this year), the equipment to make the harvest go as smoothly as possible, and to be in such a great community of people who support our project and mission. Thanks again to everyone who made the Optimist Club’s pumpkin project a successful year!

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New Holland Cornrower Advances Corn Stover Research Iowa St. University

On Oct. 19th, 2016 at Iowa St. University, the New Holland Cornrower was used to harvest corn on university property. The Cornrower will be used to evaluate stover removal as part of Iowa State’s ongoing efforts in this area of stover collection.

Ongoing studies involving the Cornrower at Michigan State and the University of Nebraska, as well as Iowa State, continue to build a deep database supporting the benefits of stover harvest and show that the Cornrower is the most efficient and least costly way to harvest stover.

The video below shows the Cornrower performing as expected at ISU. We would like to thank the university for its interest and research covering the Cornrower as part of its overall study on stover.

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Sgariboldi Gulliver 8021 at Union Go Dairy makes feed like no Other

Progressive Dairyman wrote an article on the Sgariboldi self-propelled feed mixer in May 2016 noting the simplicity, accuracy, and savings the Grizzly 8125/2 mixer has brought to Union Go Dairy over the past year (view the article here).

Fresh off the heels of the World Dairy Expo, Sgariboldi and New Holland Centerville decided to do a demo of the new Gulliver 8021 mixer for those who could make it. This video below was taken on October 11th, 2016 at Union Go Dairy.

For more information on the Sgariboldi products, call Joel Davis at 765-962-7724 or visit New Holland Centerville!

See Also: Beam Dairy Purchases Sgariboldi Grizzly 8125

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1st Graders Visit Ag Technologies to Learn about Solar

The Rochester Community High 1st grade students came out to visit Ag Technologies on Friday to learn all about solar. The field trip was led by Jim & Mike Straeter and was arranged as part of the school’s curriculum to celebrate Earth Day.

We hope all the students had as much fun as we did spending time to educate them about how solar energy works and makes sense environmentally!

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FCYLA Visited Ag Technologies to learn about Innovation

The Fulton County Youth Leadership Academy (FCYLA) visited Ag Technologies, Inc. today to learn from Jim Straeter, founder and President of New Holland Rochester, about innovation. The FCYLA group is made up of junior high school students that live in Fulton County and spend the year visiting various places in the community to learn about leadership and what we have to offer before they make their journey off to college.

With several inventions and patents under his belt, Jim was able to share a number of stories on his years of experience as an innovator. The group learned today about Straeter’s patented Cornrower and solar systems that we currently sell. Both products have had years of research and development in an effort to become the successful products they are today.

We appreciate the group coming out and learning about Jim’s experiences and hope they learned about what it takes to innovate!

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Solar Meeting Turnout was Great!

We held our solar meeting tonight at New Holland Rochester to talk about a whole spectrum of solar related topics – how solar works, costs, payback, grants, utilities, and more. We appreciate everyone who made it out for the event to learn more about solar. If you didn’t make the meeting but would like to learn more about solar, please contact us at 574-224-8324.

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Jim Straeter & Spud Armstrong Spoke at Precision Farming Summit

Jim Straeter and Spud Armstrong recently spoke at the Precision Farming Dealer Summit in Indianapolis on our precision farming company, Ag Technologies. Jim and Spud spoke about the positives of having the precision farming company as a separate entity, the benefits of cross-selling Precision Land Mangement (PLM) equipment, service, and hardware, and the logistics behind having a standalone precision company.

Call 574-224-TECH or stop in at our Ag Technologies location in Rochester, IN and let us speak with you about what our PLM products and services can do to boost profitability on your operation!

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Cornrower Runs Well at POET in Iowa

The Cornrower and stover harvest evaluation efforts with POET in Emmetsburg, IA and New Holland continue this season.  Last year’s results showed that ash (dirt) content in stover harvested from windrows made by the Cornrower were as clean or cleaner than stover from windrows formed solely from combine discharge.  Stover yield and control of the amount of stover offered with Cornrower technology is not available from any other harvest system.  New Holland and POET are both advocates of bio-energy, particularly with ethanol, through Growth Energy efforts.  No other farm equipment manufacturer is actively promoting farmer’s products in the bio-energy area in the manner that New Holland is doing.