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New Holland Rochester Receives Woods Top 100 Dealer Honors

Top Dealer Award Press Statement – New Holland Rochester was recently recognized as one of Woods Equipment Company’s Top 100 dealers in the United States. This nationwide award honors dealerships for the volume of equipment they sell, as well as their commitment to representing Woods in their local market. Woods created the “Top 100” award as a way of recognizing its American dealer network as an integral component of the company’s success. According to President, Jerry Johnson, “Our top performing dealers rely on us as partners. We work together to take care of their customers and keep them coming back for more.” For more information about Woods or its products, call customer service at 815-319-6637 or visit

With a reputation for innovative, high-quality implements and attachments, Woods brand products are sold throughout North America — as well as in Europe, Latin America, and Australia — through a dealer network of agricultural, landscape, and construction professionals. Woods products are manufactured to American Welding Society standards; tested in rigorous, real-life conditions; and comply with recommended industry safety standards. Woods, a brand of Blount International’s Farm, Ranch and Agriculture Division, is headquartered in Oregon, Illinois. Visit for more information.

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Steers Prefer Eating Stover Over Grain

We’ve known for a long time that cattle like Cornrower stover because it doesn’t contain dirt and it is chopped up, making it much easier to ingest and chew. An endorsement of Cornrower stover from the steers that had gotten into a corn field that was being harvested came recently. After unloading grain and heading back to the corn being harvested, we saw steers eating the stover in the windrows – preferring that to the grain on the stalk, unharvested stover and grass that was immediately available.

Harvesting stover the right way makes a ‘waste’ commodity a valuable feed. Photos are shown above of the steers eating an evening meal, along with video from inside the cab and field level here:

For more information on the Cornrower and its performance and potential, call us at 574-223-2714!

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Now is the best time to take advantage of our Certified Maintenance Inspection Program!

If you understand the value of having highly trained New Holland service technicians working on your equipment, then you’ll also appreciate our annual Certified Maintenance Inspection program. Continue reading Now is the best time to take advantage of our Certified Maintenance Inspection Program!

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How can a Pacesetter 2 Drone help your Farming Operation?

From spring to harvest, you can utilize drones to help make sure you are making data-driven decisions on your farming operation to help generate the best possible yields on your fields. Here are a couple of examples we have used the Precision Drone Pacesetter 2 to accomplish that:

Precise Yield Estimations

The Pacesetter 2 is also a great tool to help you market your crop and create a strategic game plan long before harvest. Simply fly your fields and create an NDVI geo-referenced crop health map so you can identify healthy, moderate, and struggling areas of your fields. These values are represented in the NDVI image as colors of green, yellow, and orange/red using the Precision Vision software that comes with the Pacesetter 2 package. With that NDVI map you created, pick a GPS point that represents each color of the map and conduct a physical yield check in the field for those spots. Import this NDVI map into any farm software of your choice to determine the percentage of healthy, moderate, and struggling crop in your fields.

Here are two pins of GPS points where yield estimations were taken based off of the NDVI map created by the drone.
Here are two pins of GPS points where yield estimations were taken based off of the NDVI map created by the drone.

Using the yield check estimates gathered in the field and the percentage of each crop health color derived from the NDVI map, you can determine what type of average yield to expect per field. Here is the actual data from the physical yield check where we came within 0.5% of what the actual yield monitor showed 2 months prior to harvest: 2015 Pacesetter Drone Yield Estimation

What the Naked Eye Can’t See

The Pacesetter can also help you find many issues in your fields throughout the growing season, such as the one in this NDVI map, where the tank ran out of anhydrous before the end row was reached.

The Pacesetter helps you identify problems in your fields. Here is an actual example of an NDVI image shown from the Pacesetter software indicating where the tank ran out of anhydrous during side-dress application.
The Pacesetter helps you identify problems in your fields. Here is an actual example of an NDVI image shown from the Pacesetter software indicating where the tank ran out of anhydrous during side-dress application.

The red arrow shows where corn was ran over and knocked down at the field entrance when NH3 nitrogen was being side-dressed. Also visible, is the variation of soil types and how they are affecting crop health. The orange areas of this field show you where the sandy soil is causing the corn plants to struggle more than the rest of the field. The Pacesetter does not only let you see the health of your crops, but can also be used to help you:

  1. Create variable rate fertilizer and/or seeding maps using any major farm software
  2. Find replant opportunities and determine how many acres are affected
  3. Determine amount of crop damage for crop insurance purposes
  4. Find planter and/or applicator malfunctions
  5. Monitor specialty crops and/or seed variety test plots
  6. Spot where weed pressures are hurting crop health
  7. Locate disease and/or insect pressures

If you would like additional information about the Pacesetter 2 drone and how this innovative product can help you make better management decisions during the next growing season, call Eli Fred at 574-224-8324 today!

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Unverferth introduces NutriMax Liquid Applicator

Unverferth introduced a new applicator bar at the FPS this year. The NutriMax applicator helps ensure optimum crop performance through the precise placement of nutrients when most needed by the plants during periods of high growth. Check out this link along with the video for more information on the toolbar:

Give us a call or stop in and see us at any of our locations for more information on this applicator!

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Cornrower Runs Well at POET in Iowa

The Cornrower and stover harvest evaluation efforts with POET in Emmetsburg, IA and New Holland continue this season.  Last year’s results showed that ash (dirt) content in stover harvested from windrows made by the Cornrower were as clean or cleaner than stover from windrows formed solely from combine discharge.  Stover yield and control of the amount of stover offered with Cornrower technology is not available from any other harvest system.  New Holland and POET are both advocates of bio-energy, particularly with ethanol, through Growth Energy efforts.  No other farm equipment manufacturer is actively promoting farmer’s products in the bio-energy area in the manner that New Holland is doing.

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New Holland Rochester at the Chili Cook Off

The city of Rochester’s 24th annual Chili Cook Off event was held this past Saturday. New Holland Rochester had a great time participating in the event. The Cook Off had a record turnout, with a total of 504 registered cards were gathered at the event, breaking the previous record of 420. Our employees who helped did an excellent job on both the chili and putting together the display. While our chili and display unfortunately didn’t win, we did serve about 14 gallons worth in under 2 hours before running out, and received many complements on both the booth and the chili. We appreciate everyone who came out to the event and we hope to take the gold next year!

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Sgariboldi – Bringing Self-Propelled Mixing to N. America

Sgariboldi Grizzly 8100
Sgariboldi Grizzly 8100

Self-Propelled feed mixing is coming to North America thanks to an arrangement with New Holland Centerville and Sgariboldi – a leading European manufacturer of feed mixing equipment. Joel Davis, a sales representative from New Holland Centerville and Jim Straeter, manager at New Holland Rochester, visited Sgariboldi in Italy recently to become acquainted with the product and the people at Sgariboldi. Continue reading Sgariboldi – Bringing Self-Propelled Mixing to N. America